How Electric Bikes Can Reduce Co2 Emissions

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Electric Bikes Can Reduce Co2 Emissions

If you are one of many riders who alternate using a bike with an automobile, you may be in store for a big change. Electric bikes are becoming increasingly popular with both urban and suburban riders looking to increase their range and efficiency. Because e-bikes can push many riders past the point at which they would normally tire, they can potentially replace cars for many applications. As automobile pollution is a major cause of climate change, this is a good thing for the environment.

Electric Bikes Can Reduce Co2 Emissions

Producing Bikes Creates Less Co2 Than Producing Cars

The Co2 efficiency of a product isn’t just about how much Co2 it produces from using it. There is an entire industry behind manufacturing vehicles. When parts need to move from suppliers to depots to assembly plants, this results in an output of carbon. Even the manpower and electric energy required to assemble parts create a significant global footprint. Because bikes are lighter and easier to produce than cars, they do not require nearly as much carbon to produce. Because they are much less complicated, they can also be assembled in a far shorter period.

Electric Bikes Can Reduce Co2 Emissions

Electric Bikes Have Significantly Better Range than Standard Bikes

How many miles can an electric bike go on a single charge? That depends on the particular motor installed, as well as the kind of assistance you require. A decent motor can last you somewhere between 20 and 50 miles. If you choose to pedal on your own power for much of your ride, you can extend your battery life much longer. For most riders, this is more than enough for a single day of riding. Many e-bike users use their bike’s pedal assist function as a sort of reserve energy source.

Electric Bikes Are Great for Commuting and Errands

One of the great things about e-bikes is that they offer enormous potential for replacing gas-powered vehicles. A massive number of urban and suburban riders waste hours every week sitting in standstill traffic on their way to work. With an e-bike, you can pedal to work without worrying about wasting gas or sitting in traffic. Even compared with hybrid vehicles, e-bikes offer an extremely low carbon signature for commuting. Electric power is equally applicable for riding locally to do chores or even just going to the park.

Electric Bikes Can Reduce Co2 Emissions

Delivery Businesses Are Starting to Rely on Electric Fleets

Food and grocery delivery services have already begun to recognize the potential of electric fleets. Delivery riders with electric bikes and tricycles often find that the fatigue they would normally feel from riding for an entire shift is significantly lessened with an electric motor. This translates into tangible profits for businesses looking to enhance their environmental reputation.

If you want to save yourself energy while helping the planet, an electric bike may be right for you. In addition to the benefits to the environment, an electric bike for older person or the physically impaired can dramatically simplify the process of getting around. When shopping, always look into your local legislation for any e-bike regulations that might apply to you.

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