Brief Explanation How do Solar Rooftop Panels Work?

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How do Solar Rooftop Panels Work

How do Solar Rooftop Panels Work? As the whole world knows that the radiation from the sun is an infinite source of energy. This article guides you on how do solar rooftop panels work. Providentially, experts and scientists have already developed a new form of energy which is from the power of the sun in a useful and clean form of energy. Nowadays due to the economical hike especially towards electricity and other fossil fuels, people are searching for an alternate source of power. Because power is a very important role in the future energy industry all over the world. Whenever people opting for solar energy people have they thinking that the converting power of the sun to solar energy needs a large solar farm, but the reality is not like that.  Here the article gives you an explanation of how do Solar Rooftop panels work.

People can harness the power of the sun into electricity using the Solar Rooftop panel. It works when the photons – energy from the sunlight hits the solar panel, then the solar panel converts the photons to electrons of direct current(DC) electricity.  DC can flow out into the electrical safety devices. Nowadays Solar Rooftop panels are available with the inverters that convert Dc into AC (alternating current) which can be used by all home appliances include washing machines, fridges, television, computer, etc.

How do Solar Rooftop Panels Work

Solar Rooftop Power utilizing the system

Solar Rooftop panels have the capability of solar cells which harness the energy of the sun into electricity. It is a small square-shaped semiconductor that is made up of conductive materials such as silicon, whenever the sunlight strikes on the solar cells, it stimulates the chemical reactions, which in turns electrons are produced thus the electric current generates.

Most of the Solar Rooftop panel cells are called photovoltaic cells which can be commonly found in tiny appliances such as calculators. Detailed explanation about how to do Solar Rooftop panels work follows.

For a photovoltaic cell, the main component is the layers of semiconductors which are proposed by a material called doped silicon crystals. Boron material is used to bond the bottom layer of the photovoltaic cell which is acts as the positive energy. Phosphorous is used in the top layer and acts as negative energy. The area between the positive and negative charge is known as the P-N junction and the movement of this surface produces the electric field. Whenever the sunlight hits the cells, photons knock the electrons loose on both layers, due to the opposite charges on the two layers, it causes the flow of electrons. Anyhow, the electric field at the P-N junction prevents the flow of energy, it needs an external circuit as the path of the electron.

Types of Photovoltaic Cells

Types of Photovoltaic Cells

Most photovoltaic cell systems are four inches square to generate the power for the Solar Rooftop panels. They may be either plastic or glass to prevent the weather and other seasonal changes. there are three types of solar cells for Solar Rooftop panels.

Single-Crystal cells

These types of solar cells are long cylinders and cut into hexagonal or round wafers. This type of solar cell produces high-efficiency cells hence their production cost is also more. The approximate energy efficiency is about 30%.

 Polycrystalline cells

Polycrystalline cells are nothing but molten silicon which is cast into small squares. The cost of producing these solar cells is lower and also the efficiency of these cells is lower by 15% when compared to the single-crystal cells. Since the squares are small they are tightly packed and closed together to increase energy production.

 Amorphous silicon

Another type of solar cell is known as amorphous silicon which is also used for solar panels and lets us know how do Solar Rooftop panels work.  These types of solar cells are silicon sprayed over the glass or metal surface in thin films, then the production of such solar cells is less expensive when compared with the above two.  very low of about 5%.effciency.

Types of Photovoltaic Cells

Requirements of Solar Rooftop panels

The main doubt about Solar Rooftop panels is whether they are affected by the weather elements and other seasonal changes. No worries because the solar panel includes the two requirements PV cells need to have unobstructed access to the sun’s rays to harness the sun’s energy effectively. Make sure that the position of the solar panel faces the east side of your roof.

It should not install near the tall buildings that may act as the shade for the panels. how do Solar Rooftop panels work based on the installed panel size? The size of the PV system is direct relying on the size of the panel roof, which is the amount of energy you need to produce and how much amount you are affordable to spend.  Solar energy is the Earth supporting aspect, it indirectly helps us grow the plants that produces the wind and warmth us. In one-word Solar Energy is a natural, renewable, and infinite source of energy to power our homes.

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