How Cheap VPS Hosting Can Improve Your Site Performance

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Cheap VPS hosting is the perfect hosting choice that a business must look for to have more control and isolation over the server. VPS also is the right platform when you find your website traffic is increasing and your current shared hosting resources are not sufficient to manage the traffic demands.

A dedicated server can mess up your budget because of its high costs and you do not need such a machine as the number of visitors is still fluctuating. Continuing shared hosting will result in frequent server crashes and site becoming unavailable to your customers.

What is VPS:

VPS copies the dedicated server in its features while remaining in a shared environment. VPS are virtual servers built by segregating a physical server into smaller portions. Each VPS has its copy of operating system and all the websites are allocated dedicated resources. All the websites are housed in individual containers gaining more seclusion and privacy although sharing the server with other businesses.

Unlike in dedicated server where there is only one entity utilizing the entire server, in the VPS there are numerous websites among whom the expenses of running the machine are split. Therefore, it is called cheap VPS server and an affordable alternative to the dedicated server with a lower quantity of resources.

No compromise in network uptime and speed

There is no compromise in the quality of services in the cheap VPS hosting. Your website is placed in highly resilient data centers and your host offers strong SLA commitments of 99.95% network uptime and high-speed connections. You will enjoy all the infrastructure and latest technologies at the data center at no additional expense.

The Benefits the Cheap VPS Hosting Offers Include

  • Root access: You get root access and complete control over your server which gives you the power to configure it in any manner suitable to your business. You can install any software that your business may require which your host has not provided.
  • Reliable: You are independent and not affected even if a neighbor pulls more resources. Similarly, your websites continue to perform at the usual pace even if a neighbor overdraws their share. You can reboot your server any number of times without disturbing the other businesses.
  • Privacy: Contrary to shared hosting, your business is housed in individual containers. You also are provided with a dedicated IP address that keeps you separate from the other accounts. No outside party can get access to your container giving you complete privacy and isolation.
  • Security: Probabilities of your business being affected due to a compromised account are minimal. This is a vast improvement over the shared hosting where if one account is down with an attack, it automatically spreads across all the accounts.

Choice of The Operating System:

You can choose your servers. Cheap VPS hosting plans are generally offered in both Linux and Windows operating system. There is not much of difference except in the cost. Windows servers are slightly higher in price as it requires the users to pay a license fee.

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