How Can You Get Medical Marijuana: A Beginner’s Guide to Medical Marijuana

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While marijuana has just begun to be legalized for recreational consumption in certain states, almost half the states in the country already have some sort of legal medical marijuana legislation in place. The health benefits of marijuana have been documented for years, and you won’t find many healthcare professionals who will dispute that fact today. Furthermore, new strains of marijuana are being produced to provide most of the benefits the plant offers, without the negative effects. In this article, we’re going to introduce you to the world of medical marijuana and see if it could be the right option for you.

A Beginner’s Guide to Medical Marijuana / What is Medical Marijuana Good / What is the Difference Between THC and CBD

What is Medical Marijuana Good for?

Medical marijuana can help with many health conditions. One of the most well-known and common use for medical marijuana is for pain relief. Chronic pain is one of the most common causes of disability in the United States, and studies have found that marijuana is particularly effective at treating it. As a matter of fact, an increasing number of people are advocating against the overuse of opioids in favor of medical marijuana. Certain strains of medical marijuana have even been shown to help combat opioid addiction among recreative users.

Marijuana has also been used to treat a variety of psychological disorders such as PTSD, social anxiety, and depression. In a review that was released in Clinical Psychology Review, evidence was found that marijuana could be beneficial to treat all three conditions after the authors looked at all scientific literature that was published on the subject. However, they also had reservations concerning some issues and said that certain strains of marijuana could actually increase the chances for psychosis and exacerbate schizophrenia symptoms.

What is the Difference Between THC and CBD?

When discussing medical marijuana, it’s very important to differentiate and understand the compounds that give it its properties. Understanding these compounds will also help you understand which strains are better for certain conditions.

The most well-known element in marijuana is THC, which is what gives marijuana its psychoactive properties. It’s also what gives marijuana users more appetite. This is why high THC medical marijuana is often prescribed to prevent nausea during chemotherapy treatments. As a matter of fact, there have been two synthetic drugs developed for this purpose, known as Nabilone and Dronabinol, which are actually synthetic THC.

CBD, the other main compound behind cannabis’s properties, wasn’t known much not too long ago, but is fast rising in popularity. CBD can be extracted from either the marijuana plant, or hemp. While CBD has been reported to have anti-inflammatory properties and is especially beneficial for pain, it has none of the psychoactive properties that THC has. There are also strains of cannabis being grown that contain almost no THC. CBD can be found in the form of tinctures, topical and edible oil, flowers, and oral sprays among others.

When is THC or CBD a Better Option?

THC is usually the better option for treating issues like depression, for example. So, if you’re suffering from depression and you want to buy cannabis seeds in the US, you should look for high THC strains like White Widow, for instance. Companies like Seed Supreme sell a few variants of this strain, and it has been shown to improve mood and prevent daytime fatigue among other things. They also sell auto flowering seeds which are much easier to grow for beginners. Their auto flowering seeds require a lot less care than other types of seeds and you can harvest them faster and more frequently.

CBD, on the other hand, is usually better for people who are suffering from things like social anxiety and for pain relief. Since CBD isn’t psychoactive, it doesn’t induce paranoia like certain high THC strains, which usually makes it a better option for social situations.

If this is your case, you can also find CBD seeds to grow yourself and use for therapeutic purposes, as their THC levels are very low and serve as medical cannabis.

But it’s also important that you understand the distinction between types of marijuana as well. You usually have three main categories: Sativas, Indicas, and Hybrids. Indicas are known for producing the typical couch lock high that people often associate with marijuana. This is why this type of marijuana is often prescribed for people who suffer from sleeping disorders.

Sativas, on the other hand, are the total opposite. They are known to stimulate the mind and produce more of a mental effect than a physical one. These are often the type being prescribed for people with depression. Hybrids combine the effect of the two and have a balanced effect.

Medical Marijuana

How Can You Get Medical Marijuana?

You can get medical marijuana in various form in states where it is legal through a network of dispensaries. Whatever your preferred method of ingestion, you’ll be able to find it at most good dispensaries.

You can get medical marijuana in various forms in states where it is legal with a valid card through a network of dispensaries. In New York, for example, getting your medical marijuana card online is easy with telemedicine services such as the ones provided by Green Health Docs.

Most will have marijuana in edible form, such as cookies, as well as extracts, oils, and in flower form. However, you will be required to show your medical marijuana card to buy them. Some states also allow you to grow the plant at home, but they often have a limit on things like how many plants you can grow for personal consumption as well as the height of the plants. So, make sure that you know the laws in your jurisdiction first.

Are There Any Side Effects?

Yes, there can be side effects when it comes to marijuana. We already discussed how it could trigger paranoia or schizophrenic episodes, so people who suffer from these conditions should avoid marijuana. And though CBD has been shown to correct this issue, more research needs to be done.

In addition, certain strains can actually cause depression instead of treating it, which is why it’s very important that you understand the properties of any plant you’re thinking of buying. Also, some issues have been reported with edible products, and eating too much could have serious side effects.

Medical marijuana has tons of benefits, and we can expect it to be increasingly prescribed as a treatment for a variety of conditions. Whatever you do, always make sure that you know the laws where you live and get informed before you try anything.

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