How AI Shapes Social Media

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In the digital age, almost everyone has some form of social media account, with many people using multiple platforms. Social media gives us the latest news, allows us to keep in contact with our friends and family, as well as research new ideas.

You might not be aware of it, but artificial intelligence and machine learning run these platforms using algorithmic technology. AI pushes news and information into your newsfeed, giving you content that matches your interests.

AI and Facebook

Every time you upload an image or video to Facebook, the algorithm suggests friends and family members that you might like to tag in your post. How is the algorithm able to identify the people in your picture or video?

Facebooks algorithm uses facial recognition technology to recognize the features of your friends and family members in the image. The team at Facebook invest heavily in AI technology. Their 2012 acquisition of the company fetched the owners of the technology a cool $60-million.

Further acquisition of the facial recognition company’s Faciometrics and Masquerade in 2016 fetched undisclosed sums for the company’s. While we may not know the exact value of the companies, you can believe that they didn’t come cheap.

Facebook also uses pixel technology to help e-commerce marketers target prospects that are interested in their products and services. The Facebook pixel assesses your search and viewing habits, pushing adverts for related products and services directly into your newsfeed.

This technology allows e-commerce marketers to refine their marketing campaigns and make the most out of their ad-spend budgets. DeepText is another AI technology Facebook uses to remove spam from the site. It searches the comments section of posts, eliminating spam comments.


Facebooks sister platform, Instagram also uses the same algorithmic technology to present you with images that might interest you. It searches for similar accounts that you will want to follow and offers you suggestions of influencers and top-accounts worth following.

Instagram is growing at a rapid rate and more people sign up for the platform every day. Marketers use engagement tools to identify accounts with high engagement rates that they can follow to capture new prospects.

The platform also uses AI tech to identify text that you can replace with an emoji. The tech recognizes slang terms and then auto-suggests an emoji as well as relevant hashtags directly in your keyboard. While this may seem like a waste of AI technology, Instagram has seen its use of emoji’s more than double since the introduction of the algorithm.

Social Media


Anyone that uses Snapchat will enjoy the functionality of the facial filters, known as “lenses.” This AI tech tracks facial features and allows users to place masks or animated features into their posts that cover their face. Since the acquisition of Looksery in 2015 for a record $150-million, the platform has seen its user engagement rate skyrocket to new heights.


This platform uses “computer vision,” an artificial intelligence application that teaches computing systems to identify objects in pins. The tech then auto-suggests other pins that you may be interested in following. Pinterest also uses other AI applications to detect spam comments, boost advertising performance, and assist users with monetizing their accounts.

Wrapping Up – The Final Thought

There are so many opportunities for tech-heads to get involved in the ever-growing social space. People interested in applying for jobs with social firms can study a data science course that educates them in the uses of AI technology on social platforms.

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