How A Growing Trend Helped Cowell Get There And Why Banks Are So Upset About It

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A leaked report shows that Simon Cowell (creator of shows such as American Idol and The X Factor) recently more than doubled his wealth by using a push button software developed by an ex software engineer.

His net worth has jumped from £125 million to £325 million in just a matter of months.

In 2003, Bill Gates (pictured above) was quoted saying “If you invent a breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence so machines can learn, that is worth 10 Microsofts”.

Steve Mckay, ex-Software Engineer, has recently achieved just that – inventing a self learning investment algorithm, packaged for the public as “CryptoSoft”, a Bitcoin trading software which is shockingly effective.

Banks have no control over the Bitcoin currency which “CryptoSoft” algorithm trades. Banks can’t regulate it, they can’t restrict it, and they can’t print more of it.

Mckay’s discovery is leaving banks furious, because ever since he created “CryptoSoft” algorithm, the Bitcoin market has grown exponentially. and the money-hungry banks can’t take their cut.

Steve Mckay is so confident in his algorithm that he has publicly promised to help a few people achieve wealth, going as far as picking a person off the street and helping them make $1500 USD (1215€) in less than 30 minutes.

“I got tired of people calling BS on my algorithm, so I decided to prove its legitimacy to them the only way I know how: with RESULTS”, Steve said

Simon Cowell, a friend of Mckay, first heard of the algorithm when it was developed after he used a similar engine to predict meteorite trajectories.

By making a few modifications, the software was able to make astonishingly accurate investment projections, generating millions of dollars for those who can get their hands on it.

Known for his shrewd investments Simon Cowell became an early avid user of CryptoSoft software and is close to tripling his net worth in a matter of months into 2018.

This would mean he has made more money using this simple tool in a few months than in the past 20 years producing some of the world’s most successful TV shows.

“The software makes it so easy. The technology is very advanced, but for the user it’s just a matter of pressing one button, and the software (which is called CryptoSoft) does all the work.

The app just runs on auto pilot making money 24 hours a day.”

In the video Mckay is seen driving around in his Mclaren helping a person with $100 USD (81€) in their account make $1500 USD (1215€) in a matter of minutes.

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