Housefull 3 Movie Review

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Housefull 3

The movie that was taking rounds on the social media for quite a long time was nothing but Housefull 3. There were many reasons behind this. For the first time in the career graph of Lisa Haydon, she played one of the leads in a film. But was it appreciable at all? Let’s take a read.

The film directed by Sajid-Farhad and produced by Sajid Nadianawala is meant to be a fun romance package. Was it so? The most integral part of the Housefull series has been Akshay Kumar always. As far as the acting skills of this man are concerned, people are accustomed to his versatility. So naturally this time also such were the expectations. But somehow the expectations seemed to drown. Yes! True it is that the trio of Ritesh Deshmukh, Abhishek Bachchan and Akshay Kumar has tried a lot hard, but it seems that the film is just another attempt to stick back to the career before it drowns completely.

The film was 145 minutes long with some of the hard to digest attempts made to make people laugh. However, there were also some portions which were really good enough for a genuine laughter. Now coming to the story, it is nothing very much new or unknown. The plot and the backgrounds are more or less similar to the older versions of Housefull. Love, fun, angry father, confusion, etc. are the elements that made up the story.

However, the acting skills of the ladies who were earlier parts of the film series seemed to have more matured acting skills. Why Lisa Hayden is out of the leads of Bollywood is clear from the film. She has got lots to learn.It was also clear that there could be no comparison of Lara Dutt and Deepika Padukone, who starred in the first Housefull. But the best is always Aakhri Pasta, played by Chunky Pandey. He always successfully proves that Housefull can do nothing without this man. One more character that must be appreciated is Batukh Patel. Boman Irani never ceases to give the audience the best of his kind.

Now coming to the songs, the music composers did a so-so job. The music of the first version Housefull was composed better and the best.

Overall the film did not stand on the expectations of the viewers. Rather the expectations with which the audience went to the theatres because of the earlier versions were shattered. The previous versions were more matured and better.

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