House of Cards Broadcasted in Iran

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House of Cards

When it comes to a strong political drama, the viewers of America are aware of the most acclaimedseries ‘House of Cards’ starring Kevin Spacey as congressman Francis Underwood. The series show how Frank Underwood makes his way to the presidency with the help of his wife, Claire Underwood played by Robin Wright.The series is known to concentrate on major themes like pragmatism, power and manipulation. The arrival of this hit series in Iran, which airs on Namayesh channel dubbed into Farsi, calling it Khaneh Poushaly, or “Straw House”. This gave the opportunity to the Iranians to witness the political side of America. Even though it has not gained that popularity since its premiere on September, it has received a lot of positive feedback for the outstanding portrayal of Frank Underwood portrayed by Kevin Spacey.

The first season of the ‘House of Cards’ was aired on February 1, 2013, and with the thirteen episodes, it made the audience wanting more of the shrewd political drama.The series deals with the stark portrayal of a Democrat from South Carolina, who uses his manipulative skill to get back to all those who have wronged him. There is no doubt that the series won the Golden Globe Award for Best actor Kevin Spacey.Following the success of its first season, there was no doubt that season 2,3, and 4 would be any less entertaining and gripping.

Even though the Iranian government tries their best to ban any American pop culture shows, the premiere of “House of Cards’ received a mixed response from the public. For some, it was a way to understand the harsh side of US politics, while for others it was nothing more than a good TV series, that had gained immense popularity in America. Therefore, with the mixture of positive and negative feedbacks, there is no doubt that soon this series will be a favourite overseas.Even though the abrupt portrayal of various characters make this series fall underthe categoryof stark political reality in America, taking this just an entertainment wouldactually be a good idea for Iranians.

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