House MD Starrer Hugh Laurie Got a star on Hollywood Walk Of Fame: Stephen Fry Supports His Friend

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Hugh Laurie Awarded Star in Hollywood Walk of Fame

Hugh Laurie, known for his most acclaimed role ofDr Gregory House, recently was awarded a star on Hollywood Walk of Fame. His close companion Stephen Fry was more than happy to his friend’s commendable success and achievement. The protagonist of the hit show House MD was loved by the audience is much that it made Hugh Laurie bagtwo Golden Globe Awards and two Screen Actors Guild Awards. The multi-talented actor said that he has actually lost the number of times he had met people who are practising medicine after they saw the television series House. The excited and awestruck actor Hugh Laurie at the Los Angeles ceremony. The actor was so happy with this that he even performed a dance around the star.

How Did Hugh Laurie Rose to his Claim to Fame?

Huge Laurie joined Cambridge Footlights, the university drama club, where he met with Stephen Fry and Emma Thompson, and they became close friends. Later he collaborated with Stephen Fry in the P. G. Wodehouse adaptation “Jeeves and Wooster,” where he playedan upper-class twit. He even appearedin seasons three and four of Rowan Atkinson’s classic “Blackadder” series. However, he was mostly known for his quirkyyet the patronising character ofDr Gregory House in the hit television series House MD.

The Actor’s Reaction to the Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

At the ceremony in Los Angeles, Huge Laurie‘sdear friend was by his side supporting him throughout. The duo was seek to have a good time and to poke fun at eachother.Stephen Fry said, “The world was at its feet and now the world’s feet are at him,”. The proud Hugh Laurie, when asked about his feeling with regards to the star on the Hollywood walk of fame, says “There’s joy and then there’s a strong dose of imposter. As a child you looked at an adult generation of sure-footed confident people who told stories, or climbed mountains, or hit a cricket ball, and you looked at them as titanic figures. As you age you realize the time has come to become an adult — and that leads to strong feelings of Imposter Syndrome. Maybe James Stewart felt that. I doubt it, though.”

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