Horror Meets Humanity In Mike Flanagan’s Gerald’s Game

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Making a horror movie is easy but making it stand out among the crowd of various horror movies is not. The genre has movies with a low buy-in budget that beget high popularity. To shoot a horror film, all you need is to have access to cameras, corn syrup, and a few actors to play dead on screen. A quick horror movie can be shot without much effort or financial requirement. There is a certain requirement when it comes to making a horror flick something different from the rest of them. Mike Flanagan became the pioneer to bring the change. In Stephen King’s adaptation of Gerald’s Game, Mike Flanagan brought together horror and compassion in a game-changing way.


Mike Flanagan has a queer way of making films. While the horror element in his movies can get quite scary, taut and gory, there is a compassion in them that makes you care for the characters. Other movie makers may treat the subjects of horror movies as sheep for slaughter, Mike Flanagan makes sure to treat them as humans first and pawns in a game of chess later. However, he has not changed the basics of the film. Netflix’s Gerald’s Game follows the same concept as Stephen King’s book. The movie revolves around a married couple who go off to a remote cottage to celebrate a weekend and to spice things up, Gerald cuffs Jessie to the bed. Things go south when Gerald has a heart attack, leaving Jessie defenseless against a starving stray dog and an apparition.


The compassion for the characters arises when Jessie starts reflecting on her father, who abused her sexually as a child and then conspired to keep her quiet about it. The same kind of compassion can be seen in Flanagan’s other movies, notably Hush, in which Maddie reminisces about her childhood memories of the time when bacterial meningitis took her voice and hearing, all the while fending off a masked attacker at her house. 9xmovie Alternatives : 6 Best Sites like 9xmovies

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