Horizon Zero Dawn: Narrative is Going to be Different From Typical Video Games

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Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the much-awaited ones in the list of the games that are reported to be releasing in the coming year. And the latest updates regarding the game have revealed that the narrative of this game is going to be really different from the video games which are prevalent in the market. With this news coming one can speculate that Horizon Zero Dawn is going to be a real hit in 2017.

It is supposed that the players of this upcoming video game will be able to connect with the protagonist while playing it. Writer John Gonzalez has said regarding Horizon Zero Dawn that, “Horizon Zero Dawn story will be deep and human, helping players to connect with Aloy.” Aloy is the protagonist of this upcoming game whom the gamers would have to control while playing this game.

Gonzalez also added, “She is after something that means a lot to her, and I think the way that is set up in the game means that it matters to players, too.” So it can be said that the humanity that Aloy portrays makes it all the more different from all other games which fall into this genre. Also, the gamers would have to be very much aware of the scenario while making an advancement into the game which makes it all the more exciting and realistic for the gamers who are waiting for the game to release next year.

Regarding the development of the game Mathis de Jonge, the Director of Horizon Zero Dawn, has been quoted saying to Gameinformer, “We’ve been working at this concept from the point of view of a developer, thinking about what kind of elements could work with this game and its concept. And then we’ve added everything you see in it. We haven’t said from the start that this will be an RPG, and it necessarily needs to have these features. It was always decided that we should have worked on the concept, adding features and other stuff based on what’s best for this game.”

With all these rumours, news and updates coming in regarding the Horizon Zero Dawn narrative, one thing is for sure that the game is going to be really mind-boggling as far as the gameplay is concerned. The game is slated to be coming out on the market on February 28, 2017. And all the speculations and rumours will be validated once it releases officially. Until then the eager wait must go on.

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