Honda is Ready with its NeuV mini-EV: the Future of Car is Here

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NeuV mini-EV

This year CES 2017 has come up with some most interesting and some scintillating gadgets that can change the definition of technology and gadgets that help in our everyday life. The most significant revelation of this show till now is Honda NeuV mini-EV. Honda has actually rolled out two prototypes for CES, the recently revealed NeuV electric automated mini vehicle and the simply named Riding Assist Motorcycle.

Honda NeuV mini-EV

The NeuV stands for New Electric Urban Vehicle and is created with the thought that most cars sit idle for most of their lives. The NeuV is part of Honda’s futuristic vision where a car can provide ride sharing for others when not being used by the owner. The concept also has the capability of selling back energy to the grid when not in use.

The NeuV also comes with Honda Automated Network Assistant (HANA), a personal and adaptive AI assistant. HANA will help in learning and adapting a driver’s emotions, decisions, and behaviours, offering new options and recommendations. Like some other vehicles at CES, Honda’s concept got an electric skateboard to take safely from the parking spot to the final destination. Honda’s Riding Assist Motorcycle uses robotics technology for self-leveling capabilities, meaning the bike can balance itself. Rather than heavy and unmanageable gyroscopes, this motorcycle uses technology from the Uni-Cub.

NeuV has found a unique way to recoup costs by managing electric power consumption from the grid, by monitoring electricity rates intelligently and charging only when it makes sense to do so from the perspective of cost. NeuV is designed not only to charge when rates are low but also to actually sell back the excess power it has stored to the matrix during peak price times, which can actually help a user get an even better deal when purchasing that power back at low points. It’s sort of like the car has its own electricity market AI economies trader.

The car has an interesting outside design, with doors that only extend about 20 mm beyond the frame of the car, and then pivot upwards to a 90-degree angle. The exterior is also mostly semi-transparent glass, with under set lights that disappear when turned off. The surface of the NeuV is designed to be reflective.

Nick Renner, a designer at LA-based Honda Advanced Design where the concept was created over the course of the past 18 months.  “The actual design is inspired by a grand piano in the room,” Renner said in an interview. He also added “Everything else is very simple, very understated, but there’s kind of this celebration of the technology in the center.”

NeuV is making its debut at CES along with Concept-i, Toyota’s concept vehicle that also has an AI on board, and where Ford debuted Alexa in its own vehicles.

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