Homeland Season 6 Spoiler alerts, speculations and premiere date

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Homeland Season 6

Developed by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa the popular American political thriller television series Homeland has left all the viewers in awe with its five breathtaking series. The makers of the show completely changed the tables for its viewers in the Season 5, as Carie Mathison realises that she is the one who is at the target point while she endeavours in starting off with a new life. The season ended by tickling the curiosity buds of the viewers with an urge of knowing what will happen next. With a lot of speculations and rumours the fans seldom came to a conclusion of several dates regarding the premiere of Homeland season 6. However, now its is reported that the sixth season of the political thriller series will premiere in January 2017. Therefore Homeland season 6 is undoubtedly on the cards.

Spoiler Alert: The old rumours stated that Peter Quinn who was suffering from a major stroke in the last season and did not show any signs of recovery will make an unexpected comeback in the sixth season. This made the viewers mull over the fact that how was it possible for him to be alive despite suffering through a massive health issue. However, the recent rumours have added the existence of Peter Quinn in Homeland season 6 as it has revealed that a lot of time will go behind getting back Peter Quinn, Carrie Mathison and Saul Berenson on one point. The consequences of the 9/11 terrorist attack will be highlighted in the upcoming season and through what circumstances the Muslim community residing in the country will go through after the aftermath of the attack.

The speculations also state that Carrie Mathison is expected to get indulged in the several scenarios the Muslim community faces in the country. Carrie and Saul are allotted with a new task and their relationship witnesses a huge slot between the two of them. On the other hand, Danes will be seen disagreeing with a lot of protocols created by the CIA while Patinkin will be witnessed devoting himself completely to the new protocols of CIA.

As per International Business Times Alex Gansa has stated “That’s very difficult to reconcile, but they are so profoundly bonded. That’s something they’ll never be able to rid themselves of, but she’s matured to a very different place than he has,”.

With such speculations and spoilers the viewers are expecting another nerve chilling season from the makers of Homeland, which will woo everyone’s mind making them intrigued to the upcoming season. Homeland 6 will definitely be as addictive as its other seasons.

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