Home-pod Review: Apple’s Much Anticipated device is here

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With so many rumors and anticipation, HomePod is finally here. The users who have preordered their HomePod devices will finally get their hands on the device. If you have placed your order get ready because now is the perfect time HomePod is getting delivered. If you haven’t ordered yours, order it now.

The HomePod is a smart speaker that listens through “Hey Siri” and starts to interpret whatever you instruct it to do and play whatever you wish. The device is comparatively bigger than the Amazon’s Echo or Google Home’s but Apple has made sure that HomePod outstands in terms of quality and service it provides. With this article, let us take a view at the preview of the much anticipated Apple’s Homeport.

Sound quality

The sound quality that HomePod provides no other device can match the sound quality in the market. Be it Google home or Amazon Echo, Apple succeeds in this regard. One of the reasons why HomePod sounds way better than any other devices is because Homepod isn’t one speaker. It has eight speakers, a seven tweeter array and a powerful four-inch woofer. The fact that it is a device providing quality sound effect makes it stand out on the market.


Apple HomePod, Google Home, and Amazon Echo have a similar design. All three have taken a similar approach and have designed a cylinder design. The design is fine and Apple has adopted this design after much anticipation. It seems like Apple played it safe by adopting this design but we have to admit that it’s one attractive design put forward by Apple. In addition, the HomePod is available in Apple’s two favorite colors white and Space grey.

Hey, Siri

Although the HomePod is known to a smart speaker, it has Siri assistance. The device is more about music speaker than the voice assistant but it’s useful whenever a question comes up. Siri is the same as it is on iPhone. It offers you a choice of Male or female voice assistant which is a good change. Although Apple claims to include many features in HomePod, it still lacks so many features and is behind Google assistant and Alexa. With Siri, you can set a timer, send a message, and make calls with the giant speakerphone. How cool is that?

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Expansive, stunning sound

The expansive sound feature is a quality feature HomePod is offering. Every review that you will see will clearly mention the stunning sound system that it provides. While Siri might not be able to match few features with the rivals but this is a feature that needs much appreciation, Apple has definitely nailed the sound system. From Jazz to Hip-hop to classical music, there will be no need to adjust the music, it will be automatically adjusted to your taste. Moreover, the sound system is so brilliant that at volume as low as 5% the music sounds great which most competitors are not able to provide.


The Apple’s HomePod is released in two colors: White and Space Grey.

There’s nothing hidden, Apple’s exclusive HomePod costs around $349 which is fairly expensive smart speaker than any other competitor. The cost is much deserved because of the quality it provides to the users. Apple fan will definitely find this invention cool and will spare some cash to get their hands on this beauty.


The wait is finally over, it’s about time. If you’ve preordered your devices it’s on its way and if not then now is the time. Although, the price range will make you think twice before deciding whether to make a purchase or not. But if you’re a keen Apple user you’ll definitely have a serious temptation.

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