Hollywood’s Most Popular Leading Men with Veneers

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Popular Leading Men with Veneers

As unfortunate as it may be, we can’t all be born with the perfect set of teeth, and while we may look up to the Hollywood stars as gods among us, the reality is they’re normal people too, just like you and I, and with the propensity for some really bad teeth, just like you and I.

As such, to achieve the legendary Hollywood smile, many of Hollywood’s leading men and women have had to turn to cosmetic dentistry to save the day, and none more exemplify this than the leading men we’ve got ahead of us on our list.

Hollywood’s Most Popular Leading Men with Veneers

So if you’ve been feeling insecure about your teeth and feel like you need to get some work done, don’t! If even these guys needed work too, then you know you’re not alone. So ahead, we’ve compiled a list of Hollywood’s most popular leading men with veneers, and as an added bonus, stick around to the end to find out about all of the great benefits you can take advantage of when you choose to get your veneers in Turkey.

Leading Men with Veneers

So without further ado,

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck Veneers

It wasn’t so long ago that Ben Affleck was one of Hollywood’s biggest heartthrobs, and a winning smile was definitely playing a huge part in that, and no doubt at least semi responsible for countless leading roles. Back in the mid ‘90s though, they were far from the perfect white set of teeth we see today, and we can thank veneers for the transformation.

In fact, Ben Affleck’s undergone a number of cosmetic dentistry procedures to get his teeth as pearly white and perfect as they are today, and it’s a good thing too—can you imagine millionaire playboy Bruce Wayne with anything less than the perfect set of teeth?

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage Veneers

Nicolas Cage is another Hollywood leading man with veneers, and it probably won’t come as any great surprise. In fact, he even had two baby teeth removed (without anaesthesia!) in preparation for the 1985 film Birdy. As more and more roles started to come in for the rising star, it was clear that something would have to be done about his teeth, so veneers came to the rescue and the rest is history.

Jim Carrey

Jim Carrey Veneers

Who’s more beloved in the wide world of Hollywood than Jim Carrey? Whether it’s Ace Ventura, The Mask, Dumb & Dumber, we all have a favourite Jim Carrey moment we can point to and discuss for days. And speaking of Dumb & Dumber, that giant chip in his front tooth? All him.

So it’ll come as no surprise to anyone that’s seen any of his other movies to discover that he had veneers to cover it, along with some other dental issues, in addition to some dental bonding too.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Veneers

Who else is more renowned for their million-dollar smile than Tom Cruise? The truth is though, just like all of the other leading men on our list, it’s all thanks to some fairly substantial veneer work.

Many people often overlook the state of Tom Cruise’s smile as he was just cutting his teeth in the industry (pun fully intended), with all sorts of discolouration and misalignment going on. Without some form of dental work, we can’t imagine him growing up to become the giant Hollywood star he is today.

There are a number of procedures we can point to over Tom Cruise’s many years under the spotlight, including both straightening (famously wearing braces for a few years in the early 2000s) and whitening, before finally settling on veneers too. We think it’s a great use of the procedure, and with as much wealth as Mr Cruise has, why not?

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman Veneers

Morgan Freeman is a bit of an anomaly on this list, being that he was already well into his golden years and an incredibly successful and popular actor by the time he decided to get his teeth done. Frankly (and not to sound mean), his teeth were all over the place—angular, with gaps, and two giant Bugs Bunny gnashers up front.

Some years ago however he decided to finally rectify the issue once and for all, with his new veneers not only helping him to secure more great and memorable Hollywood roles, but also knocking a considerable number of years off his appearance.

George Clooney

George Clooney Veneers

Another of Hollywood’s most popular leading men, George Clooney has also benefitted from the great advantages of veneers. Going way back in time to 1980s, Mr Clooney was starring in a little show called Facts of Life, along with some ever so slightly crooked teeth. Come the end of the show’s tenure, our buddy George has found himself with a full set of sparkling new veneers, along with undergoing a couple of additional cosmetic dental procedures in the process.

While most we’ve spoken about have undergone the process for purely cosmetic reasons, this supposedly isn’t so much the case with George Clooney. Allegedly, he’s been known to suffer from bruxism when stressed—that’s teeth grinding, to the rest of us—and was therefore pointed towards veneers as a way to fix his worn away and damaged teeth.

Where to Get Your Veneers

If you’ve reached this point and you’ve decided that you’d like to get your teeth fixed too, then there’s no better place in the world right now for all sorts of cosmetic dentistry than Turkey, with millions of patients all over the world having already made the trip for their treatments, and thousands more waiting to join them.

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So if you’d like to know more, get in touch today for your free quote, and be on your way to the perfect Hollywood smile in no time.

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