Here’s Your All-In-One Guide to Use a Hair Clipper for Men

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Hair Clipper for Men

Booking an appointment to see your hairstylist can sometimes feel like a big task between managing work, family, and social life. Throw in the fact that it can be heavy on the wallet to visit the salon often, and the thought of learning how to cut your hair at home begins to sound enticing!

That’s why we put together this helpful guide on how to cut your hair at home using a hair clipper. And who said you couldn’t keep looking good while saving your valuable time and hard-earned cash? Just follow these easy steps, and thank us later!

Hair Clipper for Men

Step 1: Wash & Condition Your Hair

As oily hair tends to stick together and get stuck in hair clippers, you must first thoroughly clean your hair by washing it with a shampoo and conditioner to make it easier to cut your hair. Before cutting, make sure to comb your hair and that it is fully dried as wet hair does not style the same as dry hair and can give you a whole different look than what you were going for.

Step 2: Get a Mirror

Before cutting your hair with hair clippers, make sure that you have a mirror and some water handy. Then split your hair into the way you generally wear it or want to wear it.

Step 3: Start Cutting

Set your hair clippers to the subsequent setting (usually a lower number) that you need to begin with after you have decided on a hairstyle. Start cutting the sides and back of your hair from there. You must trim from the bottom of the sides to the top of the blade’s edge.

Tilt the hair clipper’s blade at an angle as you work with the rest of your hair to create an even fade. Before going to the back, replicate this procedure on the other side of your head, ensuring each side is even as you move along.

Hair Clipper for Men

Step 4: Cut The Hair On The Back Of Your Head

Trim the back of your head once the sides of your hair are trimmed, going from the bottom to the top as you have done with the sides. To perfect cutting the back of your hair, it takes a little time. So, make sure you go slow.

Keep a mirror behind your head to ensure you are cutting equally, and check your progress as you cut your hair further. If your hairstyle calls for something different, use the same protective length on the back and sides of your hair.

Step 5: Face the Haircut

Next, to fade your hair out, go over the lower half of your hair with your clippers on a lower setting than you began with. Act slowly to ensure that your hair clippers fade as soon as possible when using them. As you reach your temples and earlobes, be sure to lift your hair.

Step 6: Use Scissors or A Comb

Start to cut the top of your hair into pieces using hair scissors. Household scissors are not ideal for cutting hair as they are not sharp enough (use a pair meant to cut hair specifically). To lift the hair from the top of your head, use your fingers or a comb so that your hair is parallel to the front of your hairline.

Make sure to operate slowly and carefully in sections of 1/4 inch/6 millimeters. Pull a little of the formerly cut section as a reference into the new section as you trim. Always start with moderate cuts and work your way to the hair length you want.

Hair Clipper for Men

Step 7: Enhance Your Hair

Use a mirror to check the sides and the back of your head until your cut is complete to ensure that everything is cut evenly. To see if the hair sections are of the same length, comb your hair straight out and take a horizontal section from about the same point on either side of your head.

Step 8: Cut Your Sideburns

Cut your sideburns from the bottom to the top to attain the perfect length by using hair clippers. To decide where the bottom should be, use the depression below your cheekbone. To ensure that they are of the same length, place your fingers below each sideburn.

Step 9: Make Final Touches

Taper the nape or neckline with your hair clipper. At the top of the neckline, begin with a grazing cut, then cut gradually closer as you move towards the nape. Rinse the head to remove any loose strays stuck in your hair or on your neck and face until you are done with the cut—style as desired after towel-drying.

Hair Clipper for Men

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