Here’s Why You Should Buy Term Insurance Plan Online

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Term Insurance Plan Online

Term insurance has gained immense popularity owing to its multiple benefits. With the core agenda of protection against unpredictable risks, term insurance brings a lot to the table without much investment. The pandemic switched the world to the online territory. It also made people perceive the vitality of future investments, savings, assured monetary benefits. One can buy a term plan online as well as offline. To help you make an informed decision, let us understand the basics of term insurance first.



What Is Term Insurance?

Term insurance functions as a financial supporter for the family in absence of the essential earning member of the family. It is a source of stable guaranteed income for any beneficiary family member in case of an unfortunate event.


Term Insurance ensures financial coverage to the policyholder for a certain period or ‘term’. If the insured dies while the policy is in force, the death benefit would be paid by the company to the beneficiary family members. Term Insurance requires a certain premium to be paid to the company by the policyholder to dispense the sum assured.

Term Insurance Plan Online

Benefits of Buying Term Insurance Plan Online


  • Cost

Term Insurance Online is low-priced compared to the offline policy. A customer directly comes in contact with the company and makes deals with it without any interference of intermediaries like agents. The commission of the agents adds to the cost of the premium as well as the policy. The premium amount depends upon age, term cover, the sum assured, etc. With these parameters, the premium payable is nearly 25% lesser when purchased online from the insurers’ website.


Furthermore, the details of the term plan online are filled directly by the buyer. There is a lesser risk of mistakes. You may have to pay the price of a rejection claim by the company because of the mistake of the agent. One has to be ethical to fill up the accurate information regarding oneself. In the absence of agents, one can easily make an unbiased decision.

Term Insurance Plan Online

  • Flexibility

Buying a term plan online is an uncomplicated process. With a stable internet connection and digital payment method, you can easily purchase a policy online. While surfing online you may even evaluate between different policies, premiums, and plump for the best available option. After imparting the website with information, the term insurance calculator accords you with the premium payable for different periods. One has the flexibility to revise the assured sum, period etc., according to one’s requirement. In offline purchasing, one has to be a part of tedious meetings with agents. Term insurance online offers a good sum assured at a lower premium. Additionally, it negates the possibility of fraud.


  • Claim-Settlement Ratio

Claim settlement ratio is the value that informs you about the number of claims settled during paying back against the ones filed. On the online platforms, one can comfortably research the claim-settlement ratio of various insurers. Consequently, you can select the provider with the best claim-settlement ratio.

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  • Helpful Tools

There are varied and interesting rider options available online like critical illness rider, accidental rider, and premium waiver which add value and strength to the policy. Online purchase of the policy gives direct contact to the insurance company. Conversation with the direct executive officer will keep you more informed.


Besides, the insurance policy websites have tools to help you determine the amount and time of coverage. Your age, lifestyle standard, children, and housing affect the sum assured. One may even include their liabilities in their plan.




These are the unique advantages of term insurance online. You have been furnished with the perspective of online purchasing. However, you should make a step-by-step comparison of every detail, take into consideration liabilities, income claim settlement ratio. In case of any confusion, one must always seek the help of the insurer executive.


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