Hangzhou Xiongmai issues Recall for its devices in the US following Massive Cyber Attack

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Hangzhou Xiongmai

A Chinese electronics manufacturer has announced a massive recall for all of its cyber products sold in the US after their devices were among the ones that were used to hack into millions of websites last week. The company, Hangzhou Xiongmai Technology, has issued a statement announcing the same but has also tried to defend themselves by asserting that it was their customers’ failure to change the default passwords that helped in the hacking.

The large-scale attack was executed by utilising millions of cameras and other monitoring devices connected to the internet and affected access to a number of popular websites such as Twitter, Amazon and Reddit for several hours. According to reports, the attack used a malware called Mirai to take control over connected devices that retained the use of their default usernames and passwords. The attack targeted specific service providers by causing them to be swamped by an overwhelming load of junk traffic in order to jam legitimate traffic. As for who conducted this massive cyber attack, it is unknown at present despite several hacker groups claiming responsibility for the matter.

According to the statement issued by Hangzhou Xiongmai, the company will be pulling back all of its products sold in the United States before April 2015. However, it added that their devices were not among the majority that was used to facilitate the hack. The company did state that it would improve the security protocol it utilises on all of their products.

The event that occurred last Friday points out the threat that lurks behind the global digitalisation phenomenon that has taken over the world today. Being connected to the internet at all times certainly has its merits, but it leaves people’s homes and their personal lives open to the perils of being observed unwittingly by a bunch of strangers.

Mirai has already affected a large number of devices all over the US. Following the public revealing of Mirai’s source code earlier in October, it is feared that future attacks may be more widespread and hazardous.

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