Hancock 2 : Release Date, Casting Rumours, Beyonce among the Protagonists?

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Hancock 2

In 2008, Will Smith gave us the most unorthodox superhero character ever when John Hancock took movie theatres by storm. Smith’s portrayal of the disgrumbled miserable alcoholic with superpowers got positive reviews from a wide section of the audience especially of a younger age group which provided a change from the copybook self-righteous superhero films that have been made previously. Now there are talks of a Hancock 2 which might see the cast reunite for yet another kick-ass movie.Hancock also starred Charlize Theron in the role of the female protagonist also with super powers and Jason Bateman as a public relations spokesperson.

Hancock was shunned by critics and the audience alike on a major scale though it did have a fare share of supporters who are amongst the few waiting for a possible Hancock 2. However, news regarding a second movie seems really scarce as of now, but Columbia pictures haven’t denied any claims regarding the shooting of Hancock 2

Hancock 2: The Sequel or a Prequel?

In August 2009, Columbia Pictures hired screenwriters Adam Fierro and Glen Mazzara to write Hancock 2, and the studio plans to bring back the producing team from the original film. Charlize Theron confirmed that she would reprise her role, and Berg said to expect a third actor to star as another figure with powers like Smith’s and Theron’s characters. Even in spite of the fact that Hancock 2 doesn’t have any official plot as of today, but there have been a few rumours floating about that the film would delve deeper into the story’s mythology, and likely bring in a few new superpowered folks to challenge Smith’s title character.

Some reports state that the upcoming movie will be shot entirely in Miami and that the premise will revolve around Hancock’s past giving people an insight on how he actually came to exist with supernatural powers. If any of these are true, we might very well term the new instalment starring Will Smith as a prequel to the previous movie. However, Charlize Theron and Will Smith fans alike will be hoping to see the two actors share an on-screen chemistry, something which wasn’t quite there in the earlier movie.

Long Story short, if the movie does focus on Hancock’s past life, we might get to see a sober and Smiling Will Smith at least. Let’s hope.

Rumours suggest the inclusion of pop-star Beyonce or Native-American actor Irene Bedard will play a key role in the sequel. Further, there have also been reported rumours which claim that it might actually be a prequel set up for his son, Jaden Smith, to take over the mantle in Hancock 2. It is actually dreaded.

Peter Berg is expected to take over the director’s chair once again in the sequel to the 2008 action-comedy flick.

Hancock 2: Release date and Box-Office Potential:

Superhero movies have only gotten more successful since 2008, but Will Smith’s drawing power has not. The 2008 movie did not make any significant ground-breaking earnings at the box-office but Smith and Berg will be hoping dearly that the next one surely does.

No release date for Hancock 2 has been reported as of yet but the movie will most likely hit the big screens in 2017 or 2018.

If at all it is made that is.

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