Halloween 2016: 10 Best Ways To ‘Trick or Treat’ Among Teenagers and Adults

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Halloween 2016

Halloween is justaround the corner and with all the good notions coming in teenagers and adults are the most excited one’s wherein children just hop here and there for goodies, cookies, chocolates, etc. Well, it’s the teenagers and adults who make the most of the day by presenting gifts, inviting friends and families, throwing an anonymous party or visiting their ancestral place. Halloween 2016 is celebrated mainly in western countries, but from the past few years it has taken over in many third-world nations too. Likewise in India or Singapore, it is celebrated with much enthusiasm. So, to retain the zest and make it more lively, let’s dive into 10 best ways to celebrate Halloween 2016 especially among teenagers and adults.

This year Halloween will be celebrated on October 31, 2016, in countries like US, UK, Australia, Canada, parts of Europe, New Zealand, Singapore, etc. In India, it will be an auspicious occasion of Diwali where good overpowers evil. Considerably exactly opposite in nature, both the festive days have their own meanings and joy. However, Halloween grabs much attention among the youth as it is the onlyday to stay in disguise as much long as one can. So, keeping yourself under wraps and repeating trick or treat endless time of the day, here are the 10 best ideas/ways to celebrate Halloween 2016 for teenagers and adults.

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10 Best Ways To ‘Trick or Treat’ on Halloween 2016

Exclusively for teenagers as well as adults, the following enlisted below have been chosen the best among the rest which can be made ‘Themes’ in all ways.

1. Themed Drinks

One can use it as bait on attracting neighbours or simply filling in lots of friends of friends so as to celebrate Halloween 2016. It is definitely a form of treat which will help make your throwout bash look utterly unique. You can put non-alcoholic drinks/beverages in cauldrons making them similar as an elixir. For adults, you can change it with alcohols.

2. Movie Time, Fun Time

You can call over your friends and grown up neighbours for an hour or two and enjoy good horror films. The movies would be explicitly chosen by you, be it latest or classic, the list of scary flicks is endless. To name, a few are The Conjuring, The Exorcist, The Ring, and so on. Go and scare them to death with the lights out of your meeting space.

3. Stand Out

This may be a bit weird, but any which ways weirdis the word that plays off well during this season. Halloween 2016 could be celebrated by tricking too. All you need to do is place a wishing bowl which includes a Fisher bowl, use some mist for magic and try it with tricking people all way around. Children mostly get attracted to such things bit it’s seldom that adults too do so, well, on Halloweencan’t say enough!

4. Reading Legendary Books Aloud

Not at all an embarrassing situation on apublic forum, especially on this day, read aloud good scary books, better if renowned in your neighbourhood and see at what rate you have been encircled with anxious eyes and ears listening to you. Don’t forget to pour in lots and lots of expressions.

5. Costume Designing

Play it random. Hang many costumes in a plain manner and put aside lots of watercolours on the table. Make sure you have various costumes such as Count’s attire, Dracula’s attire, Zombie attire, and much more. Ask people to throw colours on it or just paint it. Stay colourful on Halloween 2016.

6. Halloween Parade

Make a group of 10 to 15 and get out on parade. Choose your favourite instrument all of them unique and easy to play and make a good noise right on the streets thus attracting lots of people and encouraging them to join the group. Dressed in creepy ways one won’t recognise, how bad you play the instrument. No worries.

7. Casket Pushing

Adapted by the renowned Emma Crawford Festival held every year at the weekend prior to Halloween in Colorado Springs since 1995. To memorialise her every year, the affair holds a coffin race where impersonators of Crawford ride in wheel caskets which are pushed by four team members termed “mourners” (as given in www.fodors.com) So, creating a replica of the entire affair could be a good pass-time activity on Halloween 2016. Do the activity in your backyard so as to add-on more people to increase the fun.

8. Display Edible in Bizarre Way

Another good way to celebrate Halloween 2016 is to treat people. Roaming here and there or door to door makes quite tiring so good plate of edibles never goes out of focus or fashion. But the unique part would be the presentation. Display the delicacies in a bizarre manner such as popped up eye, spooling over intestines, cut-off hands,etc. would help attract people and you never know, people may start to gobble the stuff in no time.

9. Create Your Own Haunted House

This would definitely need time, money and of course manpower. Children, keep out of it as adults and teenagers can do wonders, literally. Start the preparation a week before, gather wooden planks, paints, nut-bolts, and so on. Adjoin the planks from all the four sides about 4 to 5 feet high, build a roof with nut-bolts for support and you are done. Decorate it with lights and Pumpkins that is MUST!

10. Go Hiking & Camping

Exclusively for best of buddies, pack your bags and go on for a long walk. Choose a deserted area, place your tents, take out Ouija boards (if you want to), sit around and start the fun. If not with Ouija boards, you can sit around a campfire and tell-a-tale of spooky, scary stories you have ever known or even come across. Personally, I never get bored of true horror stories, do you?

October 31st is the date to get ready and make yourself get scared out of hell with weird face paints and costumes. Halloween 2016 could be the best ever day one could have enjoyed his/her heart out especially for teenagers and adults. So, stay healthy and be merry.

P.S.: Don’t look at yourself in the mirror. Happy Halloween.

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