Hacks For Students To Improve Their Memory Skills

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How to hacks Students Memory Skills: Student life is tough and no one can deny this fact. From preparing notes after attending all classes to memorizing them before the exams start all things need to be paid careful attention to. However for some people remembering all the information together is a herculean task. It is for such people that we bring these hacks to sharpen their memory skills.

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  • Frequent revisions– Reading your lessons just once is not sufficient at all. It is crucial that especially for tricky topics you keep on revising the notes again and again. The human brain tends to store information and if it encounters the same again the tendency of it getting imprinted in your mind increases.
  • Involvement in reading– Just plain reading the text would never serve your purpose. Instead, you should think of all kinds of questions that can arise when you’re studying a particular topic. After reading understand the implications of what you read and why it happened the way it did. If there is something that is particularly interesting you should immediately write it down and come back to it after some time.
  • Visualising– As you proceed with the reading make sure to visualize all that is happening. For example, suppose you are reading about the World War you can imagine yourself as being a part of it and think why the enemy behaved that way. Also, you can think about the various problem and issues on why that event actually took place. This would help you remember a lot of things however this trick may not come into use for memorizing number and dates.
  • Use the PQRST method – The PQRST method involves using Preview, Question, Read, state and Test to actually go into the depth of the topic. Preview involves going through the entire content of the chapter once before starting to memorize. Next, analyze the kind of questions you can expect out of this topic. You can even read the questions given at the back of the chapter. Then read the entire chapter once to first get a gist of the same. Finally, state all the answers to the questions given at the end of the chapter and test yourself if you have been able to understand them well,
  • Utilise your time well– It is better to time your study sessions in a manner that you do not feel drained out after they are over. Instead of having long study sessions make short sessions where you can memorize the concepts well. Trick to succeed would lie in understanding what duration sessions would be sufficient for you to be able to grasp the main ideas.
  • Acronyms use– If you have a lot of full names or complicated points to remember you can always use the acronym system to remember them. For example, if you are studying about the five biggest states of the USA you could use their first letters to prepare a word and learn that. When the same topic comes in front of you would be able to relate the same.

Hopefully, these simple tricks would be useful for you to help to memorize even the toughest of lessons. In case you have difficult essays to write you can contact Essay Coach writing service and they would help you in completing the balance of your studies in an immaculate manner. So all the best, and get going before the exams come too close.

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