GTA 6 News and Updates: Is Focus on Other Franchise and Huge Budget Taking a Toll?

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GTA 6 has been in the news for quite a long while because of all the rumours that have come up in the market. It has been highly anticipated that GTA 6 will come up sometime around 2018 but the latest reportsindicate that the release of the game might get delayed till 2020. Also, a higher budget of the game has come up as yet another obstacle for Rockstar Games in the completion of development of the game.


It has been revealed that Rockstar, the developer of the game Grand Theft Auto 6 is a bit busy with the development of the game Red Dead Redemption 2. Besides that, the developers are currently trying to keep theirfocus on GTA 5 and also want the gamers to concentrate on the present game. And with all the developments in the other departments, the development of the game GTA 6 has been hindered a bit which is one of the prime reasons behind the possible postponement of the official release of the upcoming game.

It is also predicted that GTA 6 will be out in the market with VR or AR support which is quite clearly going to increase the expense of Rockstar Games in developing the game. It is reported that the entire cost of production for GTA 5 including its post-release material has already gone over $250 million, which is quite a hefty amount. And to match the success of the previous edition, GTA 6 needs to be made even better which is going to be a real daunting task. And Rockstar will have its work cut out ahead of finishing the game and bringing it out in the limelight. It is expected that the gameplay will also be upgraded to a higher level in the upcoming edition of the game.

Also the fact that there will be a particular attention to the location in the upcoming game is going to take a longer time to develop the game. So the delay in the official release of the game can be justified in that line.

All these news are made out of the speculations that have come online and any official confirmation in this regard is yet to be made. The experts might well turn out to be true with their words that the release dates of GTA 6 might just get delayed to 2020. Or it might not get that late. Whatever the situation one thing is for sure the wait for the official statement regarding GTA 6 must go on, and Rockstar Games definitely has got something special up its sleeves for the upcoming release.

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