GTA 6 Map to include the whole of the USA?

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There is a lot of speculation surrounding what Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive are planning to surprise their fans with during the coming months. Officials have teased several times that they have a few big announcements lined up regarding their franchises as well as their brand new projects. But fans seem to be more hung up on how Rockstar intends to carry their more popular franchises ahead, with GTA 6 being right at the top of their list.


GTA 6 is widely believed to be in development by many in the gaming fraternity despite there being no solid confirmation on behalf of the makers. However, one of the major areas of speculation about the game has to do with the game’s location. Earlier it was thought that Rockstar was going to take the game’s map to an overseas location for GTA 6, with Tokyo or London being popular picks. Now as widespread rumours have it, GTA 6 will apparently feature the whole of the USA as a navigable map.

As impressive as the feat would be, earlier games have tried it and failed at delivering the scale that it had initially promised. However, Rockstar is renowned for the amount of thought and planning they put into their games. GTA 5 was one of the most successful instalments in the series, despite the sometimes confusing narrative (GTA 5 featured three different playable protagonists to choose from). The GTA series have featured some solid maps in the past, and with the possibility of Rockstar developing a map based on all of the USA, it may be possible that we’re looking at a new way to experience the game altogether.

However, featuring a whole country as opposed to, say, a few cities is bound to have a few problems. First off, such a large map may, in fact, become a bit boredom-inducing, as it would demand a thorough planning out of each location and its surrounding landscapes to keep players interested. Additionally, it may not be plausible to cover the whole of the distance across America by cars. But this second one may come with an advantage; players may perhaps be given the chance to fly from one location to another in order to partake in some missions.

While none of this is official yet, many reports speculate that GTA 6 is believed to be twice the size of GTA 5. Also, the game is expected to arrive anytime between 2019 and 2020, which gives Rockstar plenty of time to chalk out a vast map with amazing locations for GTA 6. So while it’s too early to conclude anything, we know that if anyone at all is capable of executing such a massive feat, it will be Rockstar.

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