GST Gets It’s Own IT Back Up With Infosys

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The government is trying its best to add to Goods and Service Tax Bill in Amendment thus presenting in Monsoon Session held daily in the Parliament. The approach is highly beneficial for common man, especially those who hail from businesses. IT giant Infosys has created a website to support and provide back up on behalf of GST Bill through which consumers will easily avail the services of taxations.

The company is entitled to complete task regarding the development of information technology infrastructure of goods and service tax which has been slated to be ready by  April 1, 2017. The center, as well as State, should pass the legislation to bring uniformity in one of the biggest indirect tax reform of the country.

Development Process in GST Website

The entire process has been led by Prakash Kumar, Goods and Service Tax Network (GSTN) which is non-profit entity controlled by Center, States, and non-government financial institutions. Most probably the testing of the software might start in October, this year with a beta launch of the portal due in February 2017. The test will be conducted in the presence of tax professionals, officers, and businesspersons.

Infosys for GST Portal

Infosys have taken the assignment as necessary and priority to establish and run GSTN as a project covered under Rs. 1,380 crores. The GST web portal will be a one-stop filing and processing destination for almost 70 to 75 lakhs taxpayers at one go. A task force is working on GST portal so as to make it work for the endless point of time. Currently, highly designated officials are in talks with online portal Clear Tax as well as accounting software firm Tally Solutions and SAP. The respective software application will be used for programming interfaces and help businesses in filing taxes through their systems rather than logging in the GST portal developed by Infosys. Along with people can choose either of the options; one as they can themselves file tax or else use the services provided by the accountants who will pay taxes on behalf of taxpayers.

How the IT Backbone for GST Works

The website will select individual taxpayers with the help of VAT/Excise/Service Tax; thus complete the database as per GST registration format. A collection of balanced data is a must as it will further help in keeping all the backgrounds of all taxpayers in a detailed manner. The following will be included in the system before the new regime is operationalized. States have already started the procedure of collecting information in 14 to 15 rounds to get as many people on the website.


How To File GST Through Website

  • Visit the official website of GST adhered by Infosys.
  • Register yourself by entering your PAN number and mobile number.
  • You will receive a 15-digit GST identification number based on State Code and PAN number in your registered mobile number.
  • File your taxes accordingly, or choose the option of accountants who will file tax via accounting software Tally and SAP.

Benefits of GST Payment via Portal

In today’s date, billion of taxpayers are filing their taxes via online under VAT, excise, etc.; thus there is hardly any change. Though the profile is exclusively for businesspersons, for minuscule retailers mobile based application is being developed which will generate invoices and also process returns. The portal will have a consultant whose task will be to collect profits from businesses and upload it for free. It will comprise a special segment of lawyers, accountants and tax officers for queries and helpdesk support. Following it will possess a backend which will sustain power to analyze data for trending market on sales, filing, and so on.

Current Scenario of GST Portal

The Department of Tax and Trade has sidelined some key functions of the portal such as audit, adjudication, recovery, enforcement, etc. Only 3.5% taxpayers will be chosen for experimentation and rest 95% will be added after interaction with tax department which is expected to end soon with the inauguration of the GST portal. As of now, 19 States, including UP and Bihar have asked to register them on GSTN while developing software for backend function whereas Kerala, Karnataka, own Gujarat among many have thought of developing GST web portals of technology systems so as to handle difficult situations.

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