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SmashFund is a social crowdfunding platform. Undoubtedly, it is the first of its kind and also the most successful of its kind. Rob Towles is the CEO of this groundbreaking entrepreneurial idea. He has thoroughly understood, mastered as well as combined the best aspects of social networking, crowdfunding, and revenue sharing to create one of the most successful disruptive models in the history of business and the history of digital entrepreneurship. Towles has included a reward system, revenue sharing system and invites code sharing system to give shape to this network-based crowdfunding Endeavour.

A new model for the new generation of digital citizens

Rob Towles is a business leader, innovator, and thinker. His latest venture shows an interesting take on the matrix comp plan. This is a 3×3 forced matrix system with a gentle twist. Till date, there are no companies that are using this model. This model is unique to Towles’ venture, and it opens new doors for waves of profit. The best bit about SmashFund is their referral system. Users do not have to register as a member to get their unique invite code. New users can access the “promotion program” directly from the website. This will make each interested user a Promotion Partner. Each link can earn referral commissions. Therefore, you can easily become a part of the profit generation process on SmashFund without even paying a registration fee.

Rob is the ingenious entrepreneur the digital world needs

This is where the ingenuity of Rob’s thinking shows. Aside from being the CEO of this leading crowdfunding initiative, Rob has also been a part of the Full Card Interactive. He is a successful leader of the mobile (Android) gaming industry. His initiatives have belted out successful games like Bingo Blitz and Bingo Rush. He has also headed the mortgage department of Ditech Financial LLC. Rob Towles was the mortgage specialist at Ditech, and he has overseen over 1,200 funded loans worth more than $200 million between 2004 and 2008. He is a unique personality, who has learned from each experience around the globe over the last ten years.

He believes everyone can be a winner!

His stints in the other companies in various key roles gave him the necessary understanding of the current market. Currently, Rob Towles works with the unique aim of bridging the gap between the demand and supply in the networking marketplace. He has modified the simple “Instagram business model” into something more rewarding and something simpler. Now, anyone can act as an influencer by sharing their stories, images, and updates across social media. People can now share to earn from Rob’s unique venture that allows every user to claim rewards in exchange for new members signing up using their invite code.

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