Grey’s Anatomy Season 13: Justin Chambers to Leave Show and Katherine Heigl to Make A Comeback?

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Grey’s Anatomy Season 13

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13: The speculations related to the cast of popular medical drama tv series have already started doing the rounds on social media. And now the fandom are anxiously waiting to get more insight into the happenings of the series. Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 has been quite intriguing for the fans, as each and every episode telecasted till date has acquired innumerable positive responses. And the episodes have left no stone unturned to keep up with the expectations of the viewers. Nevertheless, the news which has excited the viewers is Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 hinted at Katherine Heigl‘s return to the show.

Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 episode 4 indicated towards Katherine Heigl’s returns on the show?

The viewers might have mulled over the thought of Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl) making a comeback in Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 after witnessing the happenings of the episode titled as “Falling Slowly”. According to a report by Cosmopolitan Alex Karev’s presence at Izzie’s clinic might hint at the return of the former character. However, the rumours have already started pouring and the curiosity buds have been tickled. And it would surely be a treat to the eyes for all the Izzie Stevens lovers if at all the showrunners officially confirm the news.

Justin Chambers to leave the show?

The actor who depicts the character of Dr. Alex Karev on Grey’s Anatomy acquired a lot of positive responses through his acting prowess on the show. And now the rumours related to Justin Chambers quitting the show have raised innumerable questions. According to a report by iTech Post, the actor has indicated many a time regarding him leaving the show through the episodes of Grey’s Anatomy Season 13. However, it would leave countless fans with misty eyes. Nevertheless, let’s not jump to a conclusion as the showrunners have not yet confirmed the news.

Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum to get introduced to the show?

It seems that the fans have a lot to look forward to the happenings of Grey’s Anatomy Season 13, as according to a report by Extra, Ellen Pompeo expressed her desire to see the real life couple Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum on the show. Ellen also added that how delightful they are as she mentioned in a statement saying “I love the two of them. I think they’re adorable… I’d be happy with just Jenna, to be honest. I really want to do a dance video with her.”

However, Grey’s Anatomy Season 13 has a lot in store for its fans in the near future. So let’s wait until the approaching episodes get broadcasted.

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