Gravity Falls Season 3 is Happening, Hints Alex Hirsch

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Gravity Falls Season 3

If one is to take hints seriously one can say there’s a decent chance of Dipper and Mabel Pines returning to the Mystery Shack alongside Grunkle Stan and Ford Stan for new and wonderous adventures in Gravity Falls season 3. With the way season 2 ended, it was evident that the show will return. Creator by Alex Hirsch has recently said he’d want the stories to continue forever and one day he’d want to return to the stories with “a special or something.”

Gravity Falls Season 3: Dipper and Mabel’s story shall continue through a special episode or comic.

Gravity Falls Season 3: Comics or Special Episode?

With season 2, Hirsch said that the series came to an end but wasn’t canceled by Disney XD. In an interview with Tv Insider he shared his thoughts on Gravity Falls season 3. Hirsch would like to address the “future plot threats” left behind in the season 2 finale.

“I think when people watch the final episode, they will see threads in that episode that one imagines could potentially be addressed in some future form, whether it’s in a comic or a special, or it’s something a 100 years after I die with robots reconstructing the show and remaking it themselves. Right now, I’m content with where it is, but I can’t say what Future Alex may do. We’ll just have to wait and see.” – Hirsch explained. 

Gravity Falls has a massive and dedicated fan-base. After the show came to an end, Hirsch, feeling the need to reward fans began an international scavenger hunt that involved solving cryptic tweets, Inquisitr writes.

There’s no official confirmation of Gravity Falls season 3, but fans can still celebrate the show with Amazon’s Gravity Falls Journal 3 project. The journal basically provides back stories to Dipper Pines’s family. You get to dig into the family history through diaries written by Dipper, Ford and Mabel. One can treat it as a sort of prequel to the show.

Alex Hirsch is willing to create special editions of the journal if they manage to sell enough copies. “I thought about nothing but the Pines Family for four years, so my brain is packed with stories, ideas, jokes that never made it into the series for one reason or another. This journal was a great way to introduce some of those lost ideas, and to create a parting gift to our fans,” Hirsch said in an interview with Paste Magazine.

Missing Gravity Falls already here’s a fan project to cheer you up.

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