Government Plans To Control Prices Of 200 More Drugs

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The government of India has placed orders to bring down prices of 200 more drugs directly to take control over it. Earlier it had put power on 800 drugs which are used in medicines to treat well-known physical ailments such as Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Cardiovascular, etc. The respective details were provided by Press Trust of India on March 13, 2016.

The controlled prices of severe drugs will help all backdrop financial people to avail the medicines. The several measures were taken after including an amendment in the clause of Schedule I of the Drugs Price Control Order (DPCO) which is a substitute of National List of Essential Medicines 2011 as well as 2015. In that particular year, the respective department took control over 800 drugs used in primary medicines.

According to a Senior Official from Pharmaceutical Department stated that,Earlier, 628 drug formulations were under price control under NLEM 2011.0 Now it has been increased to over 800.Fixing the ceiling price of these formulations by the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) could take another two months.


As per the central government is concerned then a core committee has been set up in health ministry who has commenced task from December 2015, which deliberately included 106 more medicines to NLEM. These medications are provided to reduce Cancer, AIDS, Hepatitis C-related diseases.

Recently, NPPA regulated 530 adversely used drugs to fix the rising prices eventually the reduction of 126 medication costs by half the percent. Further, it fixed pricing issues of 45 more medicinal drugs which help in treating major physical ailments like epilepsy, eczema, bacterial infections and heartburns. The sole motto of the respective sector NPPA is to take control over or revise the prices on the bulk order of drugs as well as formulations used in the treatment of some major diseases.

The control of medications enhances the reduction of prices and availability of such medicines all over the country. Though the medicines do not come under ‘Generic’ category as it belongs to some world renowned Pharmaceutical firms like Ranbaxy (now Sun Pharmaceutical Ltd.), Torrent Pharmaceuticals, Abbott Healthcare, Glenmark as well as Cadilla Healthcare. Medicated drugs generated by certain pharma companies also come under NPPA as it helps in fixing prices of decontrolled drugs so as to make it available at reasonable prices for one and all.

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