Gotham Season 3 : what will the Monsters be up to in the premiere episode?

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Gotham Season 3

Gotham Season 3 is coming soon for fans and we are eager to see how things will be shaken up in the pre-Batman era city. The Season 2 finale ended with Dr Strange’s undead patients walking freely through the streets of Gotham, and we can’t help but wonder what damage they’ll do in the next season.

One interesting thing that we saw was that there was a lookalike of Bruce Wayne among those monsters. But while we can’t speak for the rest of the monsters, the one that resembled Bruce so closely certainly had his etiquettes in mind- after being let out of the abandoned vehicle by the old woman at the end, he actually takes the time to thank her. This hints at two things: firstly, we can certainly expect to see this double reappear in Gotham Season 3, and secondly, this particular monster will probably be a little different than the rest of the breed. Which means that he may not be a clear cut black and white type of guy, bordering more on ambiguity.

In fact, some of this has been confirmed by David Mazouz, the young actor who plays Bruce in the series. While talking about his experiences of portraying the twin characters, Mazouz said that it felt like playing two completely different personalities who are tied together by one single factor, their appearance. Other than that, they are two completely different people. He also added that while Bruce is caught in a sort of limbo at present in terms of finding a purpose, he may soon end making some important decisions in Gotham Season 3. What kind of results those decisions will yield will remain to be seen.

Gotham Season 3 premieres on September 19, 2016.

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