Gotham Season 3 Episode 14: Jerome & Bruce to Have Face-Off

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Gotham Season 3

The ongoing American crime-drama television series Gotham Season 3 is gearing up for its next episode as it showcases the teenage days of ‘Joker’. Giving open challenge to the Gotham Police Department and already killed Deputy Chief of Staff in front of entire Gotham city, the series will now continue with the tales of Jerome and how he seeks vengeance, specifically from Bruce and the police.


Earlier the series showcased that the era of Jeromea.k.a. ‘Joker’ has begun as he cuts off and wears his face again which was taken by Dwightso as to carry out the cult of Jerome fanatics after taking over a news station. But as the station gets infiltrated by GCPD, Jerome awakens and gets hold of his own face successfully. The last episode of Gotham season 3 also showcased Nygma, Tabitha along with Barbara try best to manipulate Cobblepot henceforth stating that all the criminals have been turned against him which is followed by Selina getting furious regarding the actual truth of which Bruce was not even oblivious enough.

The last sequence shows how Jerome kills Dwight eventually making Gotham city under blackout phase. The next episode titled as “The Gentle Art of Making Enemies” in Gotham season 3 is the second last one after which it will come to an end. The winter finale might see Jerome seeking vengeance from entire Gotham city thus making it special for Bruce as he hits him hard during a carnival. Also, Bruce will stand against Alfred as he continues to fight for justice, his people and city wherein Jerome pave every single way to workout for his fight thus creating chaos in Gotham.

So, with Gotham season 3 in its final move, the audience will see the rise and fall of Jerome thus having GCPD protecting the city with Bruce in aid. Airing on January 30, 2017, Gotham season 3 can be watched in FOX at 9/8 central.

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