Gotham Season 3 Episode 12 Will See The Beginning of the Joker Era

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Gotham Season 3

Gotham Season 3 Episode 12: Post the airing of the fall finale of Gotham, FOX released a sneak preview for the second-half of the season, and it solely focused on the return of Jerome Valeska (portrayed Cameron Monaghan), who is currently considered the leading candidate to eventually become The Joker. And Gotham fans are literally going berserk in wait for the next episode which is slated to reveal the first appearance of the Joker.

Gotham Season 3 Episode 12 will see Ben McKenzie reprise his role as Detective James Gordon.

The promo was released after the fall finale episode titledBeware the Green-Eyed Monster, andfeatures scenes of a mysterious person walking toward a row of large containers that presumably contain and preserve human bodies, as the promo announces, ” This January, he will return” which cuts to an image of Jerome’s bloodied face saying, “Hello Gotham City!” and then he laughs maniacally in a way reminiscent of the Joker.

Actor Cameron Monaghan has been filming for his Gotham Season 3 return and it is speculated that his character will have gone through some drastic changes when viewers see him again. According to Cinema Blend, Monaghan shared a photo of him wearing face prosthetics that made it appear as though the skin isn’t attached to his face. Given this, fans have been speculating that Gotham Season 3 will bring out Joker’s story from “New 52.” For those unaware,“New 52” of DC Comics tells of The Joker’s admission to the Arkham Asylum where his face was ripped off by The Dollmaker.

Gotham Season 3 Episode 12 will also bring back the principal cast with the likes of Ben McKenzie as Detective James Gordon, Donald Logue as Harvey Bullock, David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne, Morena Baccarin as Leslie Thompkins, Sean Pertwee as Alfred, Robin Lord Taylor as Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin and Cory Michael Smith as Edward Nygma/the future Riddler.

Gotham Season 3 Episode 12 will return on 16 January2017 on Fox Network.

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