GoPro Hero 5 Release Date, Specs, Price, New Features, Latest Rumors

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GoPro Hero 5

Touted as the “most connected and convenient” action camera ever made, the new generation action camera, GoPro Hero 5, is being eagerly awaited by many. It will feature some exciting features. Ever since the release of the GoPro Hero 4, the internet is going gaga over any news regarding GoPro’s next instalment of their flagship camera. Right, here we are going to share with you some of GoPro Hero 5 rumoured highlights, specs, price, new features, etc.

Update 09/07/16: According to fresh rumours, GoPro Hero 5 is going to be released on September 19th along with Karma drone. Since last month, a number of new rumours have emerged about the upcoming next flagship action cam. Recently leaked images of the device’s user manual points out that the GoPro Hero 5 will be able to follow limited voice commands, like GoPro Turn On, and GoPro Off among others. Additionally, the manual also reveals that a cloud service will soon be offered by the company. The service will allow users to upload images and videos directly. Even Variety reported the same. Other than this, we haven’t heard anything official regarding the GoPro Hero 5 release date which is likely going to be launched later this month.

Update: According to a report by The Verge, the company has aborted their previous plan to release the new drone before the Hero 5. Sources have revealed that both the camera and drones will most certainly together. Reasons behind the decision are unknown.

The camera could pack GPS, and there are also hints that the interface is getting a makeover. Reddit user Konrad-iturbe has posted what is being called Hero5 instruction video that shows that the device is significantly redesigned. The touch control scheme is redesigned, and there’s a mention of a ‘GoPro Sniper’. Guess we’ll find out in a couple of months. Watch the video right here.

GoPro Hero 5 Design:

A while ago, GoPro’s CEO told Engadget that “future GoPro’s will be increasingly simpler, with fewer parts. Our goal is to make it very easy for our customers to make the decision to pick up a GoPro and use it. That’s all about simplicity, efficiency, and making the user experience as seamless and invisible as possible.” The upcoming Hero 5 will be simple, efficient and seamless.

Woodman also confirmed that there’d be more square cameras in the future. “We’re going to continue with this form factor, and continue to evolve it, and bring more performance to this form factor,” he said.

GoPro Hero 5 Release Date:

GoPro Hero 5 is coming out in the second half of 2016. GoPro CEO Nicholas Woodman had disclosed: “later this year, we will introduce the most connected and convenient GoPro we have ever made, Hero 5.” At present, the company is pretty quiet on developments of the camera, and they are giving anything away on the release date either. Many tech gurus believe that the camera will be launched in October 2016, almost certainly after GoPro’s Karma drone has launched.

GoPro Hero 5

GoPro Hero 5 New Features and Specs:

Back when he made the announcement, Woodman had also informed that the Hero 5 would have better connectivity. It’s believed to come with a Bluetooth 4.0 connection for wireless transfers which use up less battery life than that of WiFi chip. Users can connect their camera with their smartphone and save their photos onto the cloud. A short video posted on August 3 that gave us a glimpse of Hero 5’s rear LCD display. The video is basically a how-to guide on how to connect the camera to any smartphone. Found by GoPro fan Konrad Iturbe in the Android version of the GoPro app, called “add_camera_hero5.mp4.”

The device has been in the rumour mill for a while now. According to the latest reports, Hero5 could shoot in 8K (7680×4320) at 60 fps. According to Woodman, the camera will be “the most connected and convenient” GoPro has ever made. GoPro pledged that the easier editing software would be arriving in March. Hero 5 has a lot of extra tricks up its sleeve like GPS or altimeters.

The Hero 5 is expected to to be waterproof to a depth of 60m to make it appealing to divers, professional filmmakers, and underwater filming enthusiasts. In that case, it’d match the HD Hero Original, HD Hero 2 and Hero 3 cameras (in waterproof cases), Hero Session (10m without housing), and exceed the Hero 4 Black (40m in waterproof housing).

Speaking of how much it’s going to weigh, Hero 5 is rumoured to be the lightest GoPro camera. It should be lighter than the Hero 4 Black’s 89g without waterproof casing and the Session’s 74g. Speaking of audio capability, the device will feature two microphones and will likely be able to capture surround sound audio, as well as an integrated analogue-to-digital (ADC) converter. That’ll make it compatible with a wide variety of professional external microphones.

The device will likely have powered by Snapdragon 800 processor multisensor Light camera. A GPS chip is likely too. A test and measurement report from US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) said a GPS antenna would be included, along with Bluetooth and WiFi. This will undoubtedly affect battery life.

GoPro Hero 5 Battery Life:

The capacity of the battery is something that would decide on how well the device sells. According to rumours, the GoPro Hero 5 is expected to comes with 2,800mHa battery and deliver around two hours of battery life. It’ll be able to film at 8K resolution. Compared to the claimed 1:05hrs runtime for the Hero 4 Black with 1160mAH battery at full 4K resolution when WiFi is turned off, or the 1:55hrs runtime for the Hero Session with 1000mAH battery at full 1440p 30fps resolution and the WiFi turned off, the GoPro Hero 5 battery life is pretty good.

GoPro Hero 5 Models:

At present, there aren’t too much information available in on the models right now. Looking at the current the Hero 4 line-up, it has multiple models Hero 5 Black that is top-of-the-range, Hero 5 Silver that has touchscreen-enabled. It’s likely that Hero 5 too will come up with such models even more. We have those models are simple and more affordable.

GoPro Hero 5 Price:

The Hero 4 Black is available at $499 / £409 while the Hero 4 Silver costs at $399 / £270. Both the Hero 4 Black and Hero 4 Silver were launched in late September 2014. The GoPro Hero 5 price is widely predicted to be something between $450-550 / £300-375.

Wrap Up:

It’s worth noting that there are new GoPro Hero 5 and Karma Drone may either release together as a bundle or one after the other, with the Hero 5 coming out in the second half of 2016. Only time will tell.

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