Google suspends Poonam Pandey’s ‘bold’ app, available only on official site

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Poonam Pandey’s

Google has removed model and film actress Poonam Pandey’s newly-launched app from its App Store. Pandey had launched her personal app, which she promised would have ‘bold’ content, on April 17. However, hours after launch, Google Play App Store suspended the app.

Immediately after Google banned the app, Pandey tweeted about the move and said: “Google has suspended the app but Android users can directly download #ThePoonamPandeyApp from my website.”

Pandey has no idea as to why Google banned her app. She questioned Google’s move and said: “I don’t know why. I see many adult magazines on Play Store and App Store. It’s interesting that on one hand Google Play Store is suspending the app and on the other some fans are ‘complaining’ that I am not even nude in the photos.”

To which Google responded by saying that they don’t comment on individual applications. “We don’t comment on individual applications. You can check out our policies for more information,” a news agency quoted Google spokesperson as saying.

With the launch of her personal app, Poonam Pandey has joined the likes of Sachin Tendulkar, Alia Bhatt, Sonam Kapoor and Sunny Leone. The Poonam Pandey App covers almost everything about her life with sections, on introductory page, such as – about, my life, ask, photos, videos, behind the scenes, around the world, events, spin 360 videos, live!, shop, the store, top fans and biography.

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