Google I/O 2017: Android O to improve Apps performance & enable two times faster reboot

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Google I/O

The Google’s I/O Developers Conference commenced on Wednesday with a keynote by the CEO Sundar Pichai. It was almost 2 hour-long addresses that comprised what all the company is trying to achieve through its artificial intelligence to VR & Android O, the next major OS by the company. Google launched the beta rollout of Android O and also offered an insight of its functions. The most talked about features were a smooth experience and faster reboot ability.

It is claimed that Android O would leave all its older versions behind in terms of speed. This is the most awaited feature of the update. To add, Google states an example that the Pixel will reboot on Android O twice the speed of what it takes it to reboot with Android Nougat. The company also dropped some hint that developers are in progress to help you with battery drainage problem.

Google also laid emphasis on app performance and fast loading as it continues describing the features of the upcoming update. In another example, Google said that the Android O will load Google Sheets twice as fast.

Besides explain all these features, Google also described some additional feature of the Android O. This include, Smart Text Selection, which improves copy and pastes through the help of machine learning and Notification Dots for developers to notify users about activity on the app, driving engagement, among other things.

Time is the biggest asset these days, and if the latest update helps save it the users would definitely shower their love. When paired with long battery life the update comes out complete. For those who have an entry level phone and wish the same excellence, Google has also announced their Android Go. It is a version of the mobile operating system that would run on phones with 1GB or less RAM.

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