Google breaks the myth against putting all content online at once

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John Mueller of Google shared some search engine optimization(SEO) tips and tricks in a hangout video on the morning of July 7 and in it revealed that Google would have no issues optimizing a website even if they uploaded 1,00,00 pages at once.

John Mueller was asked in his hangout video if publishing 1,00,000 pages at once be okay and he replied absolutely so long the servers of the website are able to handle the crawling by Googlebot. He added that it was not an issue in regard to search engine optimization and the only issue that could come up would be with the servers not being able to handle the crawl by Google. The term crawl refers to the visit by Google’s spider crawler which visits all the links in a website, tracking all the links before indexing them. Sitemaps are created in order to ease this process. Google then adds the pages of the website in its search based on the crawling by its Googlebot.

John Mueller adds that it is recommended not to push out content slowly as creating a trickle would ultimately lead to more problems than solutions. He added that a well-known website is given preference by Google while performing indexing because the website is trusted to provide genuine content. He said that Google will crawl such websites more frequently and that it would be good for the websites to have servers that could handle the crawling. He goes on to say that while some websites put their entire archive online at once, it does not mean the entire archive is ranked by Google at once. He said that it would still take Google some time to actually rank and index the archive in its search results.

Mueller gave the green signal to put all content online in a single go, something that traditional website handlers recommend against.

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