Gold Rush Season 7: Latest News, Spoilers and Updates

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Gold Rush Season 7

Parker Schnable has spent a handsome amount of money in the new season of Gold Rush. And if we say it is justified, then we are no way wrong! The reason is, Gold Rush season 7 has really kicked off its new season. For Tony Beets and Todd Hoffman, this season is a more efficient one. And when Beets and Hoffman are concerned, then we can say that it is bigger than that of the previous year. Parker is seen buying a new wash plant whereas, Beets invested the second dredge. And Hoffman? Well, he just moved Oregon for a better fertile ground. However, for Parker, his intention was not to top 3,000+ ounces of last season. He just did a few financial calculations and decided to maintain the status quo. By cutting the team down, he passed the news to them. In spite of all the explanations, he knew there would be grumbling.


Motivation could be an issue as they prided themselves on having higher goals, each time they assembled. He told Tony Beets too when he appeared. 25% royalty paid on any ounce exceeding 3,000 in their contract  prevents Parker for the justification of the work for him and his crew. But surprised was Beets! And hence he chose to refuse the revising of their agreement while he was given this opportunity. Tony was firm as he was also leaving money on the table. Turning to this new season of Gold Rush, we have Parker, who took delivery of his new $600,000 wash plant. Todd Hoffman chose his home state as the fertile ground hence leaving Klondike for others. But in the last season of Gold Rush, he lost out to Parker and most probably the distant helped him recover and feel better about the big gamble that he took.

But trouble began soon when the gold didn’t appear. At the end of the first day, their total was so small that they could not even pay for the fuel consumed. Despite the land being filled with actual nuggets, the net total was 35 ounces or so. The problem was that it was dispersed over a broad area. and as said by a crew of Hoffman. “There’s no rhyme or reason to where the gold is.” In Gold Rush season 7, they soon gathered to ask for a miracle. Tony Beets and his crew were doing a happy dance. Beets left them to pick up the second dredge. By disassembling it, he began to take in on its journey. And after weighing the gold, it was indeed worthwhile.

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