GMAT vs CAT: Which is better?

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Although not easily comparable, listing what these two MBA entrance exams have to offer would help someone make an informed choice about which to try and crack. GMAT vs CAT: Which is better?

The general, arguable differences:

  1. The quantitative testing in GMAT is easier than the one done in CAT.
  2. The academic background all the way up-to even someone’s 8th grade is quintessential in the overall CAT score. Basically, if you became academically serious later on in life, sorry buddy there are better options than you, according to CAT.
  3. The CAT exam would need you to study for the exams that are conducted by a lot of private business schools, which make this paper a lot harder to prepare for. Some people go at preparation for 12-15 months at a time!
  4. The competition for GMAT is significantly lower than it is for CAT. This could mainly be attributed to the fact that GMAT would cost a whole lot more in the long run. Since there are more people and it’s a harder test, you should be really at the cream of the academic landscape of your time to go anywhere with CAT.

So, it looks like GMAT seems to be the more enticing exam to give, doesn’t it? Well, hold on your horses. GMAT is usually for the financially sound for good reason.


  1. Starting off trivially, the CAT exam fee would be a hefty 2000 rupees, but that’s just a fraction of the GMAT exam fees. It costs about 16000 rupees and can prove very expensive if you have to give it multiple times a year.
  2. The CAT is conducted by Indian authorities; this means that Indian laws apply to it, which further says that anyone just being of a different caste could get a better rank than you, even if they have performed worse than you. And some say India is secular, am I right?
  3. Say you cleared one of these two exams and your preparations have paid off, maybe after you found one of the best online course for GMAT in Bangalore and followed it religiously. All’s smooth sailing from here, right? Wrong. So very wrong.
  • CAT candidates are required to face interviews in some of the top business schools in the country which are not a cakewalk in any sense. There they assess you as a person and only if you have made yourself worth that b-school material would you stand a chance.
  • The GMAT victor has it worse, probably. Their 3-4 year journey has just begun, to apply to some top B-school. This is because a job experience along with a great social background is needed. Add some extra-curricular to the mix, and you have yourself the recipe for the all-rounder. This is why the GMAT score is valid for 5 years.

Such requirements are to satiate the foreign schools which need practical skills along with theoretical ones to make a mark. If you have the extra-curricular backing, then if you could find a great online GMAT tutor in Bangalore, it would immensely help you soar in your career. GMAT is the more expensive option, clearly, but it can be waivered off if you are one of a kind through scholarships.

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