“Girl Meets World” Season 3 episode 12 spoilers: Flashback of “Boy Meets World’ To Be Seen in ‘Girl Meets Bear”

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Girl Meets World

Another ‘Boy Meets World’ reference will be witnessed in the Season 3 episode 12 of ‘’Girl Meets World’’ which will be aired on Friday, August 26 in the form of silver gloves. The episode named as ‘’Girl Meets Bear’’ revolves around Riley (Rowan Blanchard) who loses his favorite teddy bear and like always his friends and family members come together to find it out.

In the meanwhile when the search for the teddy is on, Auggie (August Maturo) discovers the silver gloves which Cory (Ben Savage) had got from his dad in the first season of ‘’Boy Meets World’’ episode 19, ‘‘Kids Gloves.’’ The 90s fans will recall how Alan (William Russ) had given Cory the silver necklace along with silver boxing gloves as a gift on his birthday.

However, Cory didn’t know the actual meaning of the gift and lost it eventually. Alan later narrates that he had received the gloves when he was in the navy. He also tells that he was a part of the boxing team and how he defeated everyone except for the humongous and hideous opponent of them all.

Alan explained that how towards the end of the fight he almost lost a bucket of blood and an eye, which was hanging, out of his socket. However, he says that it was all worth it because he had a son to pass on the legacy to, with whom he could share his story as well as his medal.

The gloves were never witnessed by the fans in “Boy Meets World” again. Cory will reconcile this particular story while Riley keeps the mission of searching her teddy on and Augie learns the value of certain objects.

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