The condition of cancer could be described as the uncontrollable reproduction of abnormal cells in any part of the body, which further becomes a tumor. Cancers generally are malignant in nature and can bud in different parts of the body. One common type of cancer is the neck and head cancer.

This type of cancerous formation is generally found in the nose, ear and the throat area. The tumor is identified as a lump in the affected region substituted by occasional swelling and pain. Sometimes it can cause difficulty in swallowing and breathing and may cause a hoarse voice. The accurate reason behind the development of such disease is still not known, but it’s the substances that boost its growth are alcohol and tobacco.

There are certain symptoms the disease exposes when cancer has reached a certain point. The severity of these stages can vary according to the stage the patient is in. So, here are some of those symptoms-

  • Any kind of obstructions like a lump, or a bumpy tissue in the nose, the throat or any part of the neck, which may or may not be pain struck.
  • A permanent sore throat
  • Difficulty in swallowing food and sometimes water as well
  • Massive weight loss due to unidentified reasons
  • Recurrent coughing and a feeling of something stuck in the throat
  • A creakiness change in the voice
  • Occasional or permanent ear pain
  • Red or white patches in the mouth
  • Congestion in nose
  • Troubled breathing pattern
  • Bad breath, without any hygienic reasons
  • Nose bleeding or frequent discharge

One thing you should remember is, if you have any one or two symptoms, you don’t need to panic it could be some minor disease or infection. You have to consult a doctor to get your situation tested.

Neck Cancer Treatment-

There are multiple options present today for a neck cancer treatment. The goal of any cancer struck surgery is to remove the tumorous part along with some healthy surrounding tissue. Now when we talk about neck cancer this could be treated using various methods:

Laser Technology-

This method is used to treat an early stage neck cancer. It’s widely preferred when the cancer is located in the larynx.

Lymph node dissection-

If the surgeon believes that cancer has spread to the lymph nodes in the neck. The lymph nodes are removed at the time of the excision and cause stiffness in the shoulder after the operation.

Reconstructive surgery-

This kind of surgery is generally followed by the excision. If any major part of the jaw, skin tissue, tongue, etc. needs to be removed a plastic surgery will help the reconstruction of the lost tissue. This surgery helps the patients to recover their natural appearance and be normal.

Radiation and Chemotherapy-

Both of these treatment options work by harming various aspects of the tumor like genes, proteins and the organ in which the cancer is spreading in. Where radiation therapy involves the use of high-intensity x rays, chemotherapy uses intense medication which is directed into the patient’s bloodstream.

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