Get Access To Private Data Using Hidden SMS Tracker

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SMS Tracker

Are you spotting some changes in your girlfriend’s behavior and growing suspicious of her? If you are an iOS or Android user and you are worried that your girlfriend is cheating on you, then it’s time for you to download a hidden SMS Tracker through which you can spy on her. Gone are the days when you had to get physical access to the cell phone you are trying to spy on and there were high chances of getting caught. The great advancement of technology has made life easy for us in numerous ways. Not only that isn’t it fun sometimes to spy on someone make inform them about their activity and make them amused.

SMS Tracker

Hoverwatch is one such SMS hidden tracker that functions completely under stealth mode to monitor the SMS activities on the target device. It is not very space consuming software, and it doesn’t make the device slow. Your stolen phone can also be recovered with this device, and you can know about your kid’s activity.

How To Install The App?

This is a very easy to install the application. All you have to do is to head over to this program and signup with a new account if you don’t have any existing account. This registration process is completely free of cost after registration you have to download the Android application and install it on the target device. This is the only time you need to get physical access to the phone you are trying to track. Once you have successfully installed the application to the target device, you are all set. Open your desktop or laptop, or your Android device then login to your Hoverwatch account and start tracking. Note, this application is available in play store; you have to install it manually by granting the device, the permission to install the application from unknown sources.


The key feature of this application is once you install it on the target device your identity will stay completely anonymous so; there is no chance of being detected. Nowadays kids play life-threatening games online, this app it the ultimate solution to this problem. SMS tracking feature is just a glimpse of what this application is capable of doing. It can track the location of the device using GPS. It can track messenger, WhatsApp chats. You will be able to the detailed information about the incoming and outgoing SMS with the sender and receiver information as the information obtained is completely authentic. This program can record outgoing and incoming calls. The multimedia messages containing pictures, videos, and audio texts can also be accessed through this app.

Hoverwatch is a silent stalker. Messages sent and received through WhatsApp, Viber and facebook are recorded in the log of hoverwatch. You get the ability to save every single photo, video and audio recording sent through the applications mentioned above. The geo-location feature of the app also works silently. The android tracker mainly uses Wi-Fi and GPS to track the location and monitor the device.

Benefits Of This App

If you are looking for a tracking application to track your child’s activity this is a must-have application, as you can track every activity they are performing through their device you will get to know how much time they are spending on social media instead of studying. This application is useful software if you want to monitor your employee’s activity as there are chances of leaking confidential information.

So, keep an eye on your nearer and dearer ones and their whereabouts with hoverwatch. You can avail various schemes available on the hoverwatch website raging from 8.33$ which is the basic plan to 39.95$ per month which is a family plan. If you are not able to understand any feature of the application, you can always contact the customer support centre for immediate help.

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