Garmin Fenix 4 News: Rumours, Specs, Release Date, Features

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Garmin Fenix 4 News

Garmin Fenix 4: Garmin, a company well-known for its expertise in GPS technology development in the fields of automotive, marine, as well as outdoor and sports activities, received critical acclaim and spectacular user feedback upon launching the Fenix 3 smartwatch back in 2015. Garmin’s reputed GPS features coupled with first-rate sports training features have contributed to the Fenix line being a preference for sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

Ever since then, speculations have been running rife about what the company can come up with to top the esteemed action-watch, and the Garmin Fenix 4 was born in public imagination. But hopes were thwarted when earlier this year, instead of delving immediately into the development of Fenix 4, Garmin revealed some functional updates for its existing model with the new Fenix 3 HR.

But now more than one year after the standard Fenix 3, the Garmin Fenix 4 appears to be much more than a widely speculated possibility. It seems that the company is preparing to surpass its last offering with the introduction of a new powerhouse smart watch.

Garmin Fenix 4 release date, rumours, features, specs
Garmin Fenix 4

Garmin Fenix 4 Release Date

The Garmin Fenix 4 was originally thought to be launched sometime before mid-2016, going by the launch pattern of the earlier Fenix smartwatches. The Garmin Fenix 2 was launched in February 2014 followed by Fenix 3 in January 2015. Several reports stated that an early to mid-2016 launch for the Fenix 4 was imminent, with the device rumoured to be released at the CES 2016 in January. But Garmin launched only the Fenix 3 HR at the event, thus thwarting any expectations about its successor.

As for a possible mid-2016 release, Garmin seems to be more focused on updating its Fenix 3 smartwatch for now. This year, the company has announced several new versions of the Fenix 3 which will feature design as well as functional updates. Garmin also announced a software upgrade for the Fenix 3 which will be compatible with all earlier versions of the device. As it appears, 2016 will not be the year of unveiling for the much awaited Garmin Fenix 4 as its makers are still intent on reaping the benefits of the success of its predecessor.

The earliest release date that one can hope for the Garmin Fenix 4 is between January 5 to 8, 2017, which are the dates for the 2017 edition of CES.

Garmin Fenix 4 Concept Design

The wearables manufacturer has been pretty silent about the Garmin Fenix 4, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating, even churning out Garmin Fenix 4 concept design. Here’s one from Sylvain Gerber at Behance.

Garmin Fenix 4 Features

What made the updated Garmin Fenix 3 smartwatch a standout device was the way it took on the competition by combining the regular features that most existing wearables offer with premium sports features. Users cannot be expected to wear more than one watch for separate functions such as activity tracking and receiving smartphone-like notifications. Garmin Fenix 4 is expected to take that up several notches. While the Fenix 3 was an outstanding sports watch, especially with its huge range of data for every sport, the Fenix 4 will feature updates on all these fronts. The display is rumoured to finally feature some colour, and the watch may also implement more efficient ways to tackle the existing problem areas that pertained to its monitoring ways. The Fenix 4 will have more diverse apps on offer and the Connect IQ app store from which users could download apps for their watch is itself expected to get a major revamping. It is likely that the watch will come equipped with NFC payments, a wide array of third-party apps, and increased connectivity options. While the Fenix 3 was a device with a niche customer base comprising of serious athletic enthusiasts, the Fenix 4 will focus more on being something that can be used equally efficiently both for sporting activities as well as regular day-to-day ones. This way the company can hope to lure away customers from going for the more popular brands on the market towards itself.

Garmin Fenix 4 Key Specifications

The upcoming smartwatch from Garmin will see an improvement in the integrated heart rate monitoring system. While the chest strap is the most efficient way to monitor heart rate, Garmin implemented an in-built method in its updated version of the Fenix 3. But the system will see a boost in accuracy and overall effectiveness with the new Garmin wearable. Another possibility is that Garmin may introduce two different variants of the Fenix 4, one with a strap-on monitoring system and another with a built-in one, to appeal to a wider range of users. Rumour has it that the monitor will be equipped with a wider range of metrics which can be accessed directly through the watch for the user’s convenience.

In addition, the Garmin Fenix 4 will also feature a wide range of sensors such as improved ABC sensors, a built-in temperature monitor, and the Chroma screen of the Fenix 3, which was incredibly dull, may also get a colour boost from the makers.

Among these features, the improved ABC sensors are going to be the main USP of this upcoming smartwatch.The ABC stands for Altimeter, Barometer and Compass. The Garmin Fenix 4 is expected to come with a better altimeter sensor which will detect elevation and accurately track ascent and descent. So if you love mountain climbing or outdoor training, it will be perfectly fitted for you. On the other hand, the barometer sensor is an in-built weather monitor which helps to make short-term weather predictions by monitoring changes in the air pressure. The compass sensor consists of a 3-axis compass which keeps you aware always of your position, irrespective of the fact you are in motion or not.

Garmin Fenix 4 Design

Coming to one of the most talked about factors of the previous Fenix watches, they were bulky to the extent of being unsightly, and some users even complained that the watch felt unbearable at certain times. This was a shame as the Fenix 3 came with features that allowed people to measure not only activities during their waking hour, but also during sleeping. But wearing the watch during outdoor activities itself couldn’t help but feel cumbersome, and most could not even think about wearing it to bed.

We understand that the bulk of the watch came from a sizeable and equally powerful battery (the watch stays alive for five weeks when used solely as a watch, and twenty hours when in activity mode). So one of the main challenges that the makers will face with the new Fenix 4 is the matter of lending the watch a sleeker, more attractive body without downsizing on the battery capacity.

Garmin Fenix 4 Price

The Garmin Fenix 4 will come in different variations to cater to varying user needs. Price points of the Garmin Fenix 4 are expected to be in accordance to this factor. While the Fenix watches have always been at the costlier side, Garmin is expected to introduce a comparatively lower-end version of the Fenix 4, priced at around $500. For the variants pointed towards the more athletically bent, they may be priced anywhere between $600 to $700.

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