Gamers: 7 Gifts to Ask for in 2018

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If you’re a gaming nerd, you know well the trials of asking for gifts from people out of the loop. Sure, they mean well, but most of the time parents and loved ones just don’t have the insider info to buy you that perfect gift. You can remedy that in 2018 by giving them the exact specifications your require; and if you’re stuck for ideas, why not get started with these seven awesome ideas!

Nintendo Switch

It’s the newest console from gaming giants Nintendo, and it’s currently taking the world by storm. The ingenious, uncomplicated design allows you to play at home and on the move, and with blockbusting titles like Breath of the Wild and Mario Galaxy, this one should definitely be top of your list in 2018.

Pixel Pals

Featuring a variety of beloved video game characters from 8 bit classics, these light up displays are the perfect adornment for your gaming desk or console area. They’re cheap too, so you might be able to pick up a set of your favourite characters; after all, what’s Mario without Luigi? Or more tragically, what’s Luigi without Mario?

Sony Playstation VR

VR is set to be the Next Big Thing in gaming, though some would argue it’s already here. If you’ve got a Playstation 4, you can get ahead of the curve with the Sony VR headset, which is extremely simple to set up and operate once you hook it up to the console. It’s also a little cheaper than its main contender Oculus Rift, which might swing the decision for some gift-givers!

Protective Gaming Case

Bringing your console on the road with you can be a potentially dangerous affair, as they’re likely to get tossed around and battered. Luckily, you can avoid any and all damage with some beautiful protective cases from the Case Farm. These heavy-duty cases are shockproof, dust-proof and waterproof, making them the safest way to get your precious consoles from A to B. Or simply an incredibly stylish way to store them!

Custom Microsoft Xbox Controller

Microsoft have recently given players the chance to customise their controllers; through their website, you can design and create your unique colour scheme and even laser engrave a personal touch onto it. Make sure you never mix up controllers with your friends again!

Super NES Classic Edition

Retro games are cool – they’ve always been cool, but the older they get, the cooler they become. Nintendo are aware of this, which is why they’ve released their Super NES Classic Edition, a remix of the original NES that comes complete with preloaded classic games, including Super Mario World and the original Legend of Zelda.

Arctis Gaming Headphones

These stylish headphones are specifically designed for gaming, and are sure to enhance your playing experience when you boot up your favourite titles. The headphones come complete with a super-sensitive microphone that is just perfect for multiplayer online games, and also features a wireless version, so you’ll never have to worry about yanking them out of the controller again.

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