[Galaxy S8 Rumor] Samsung To Introduce Smart Digital Assistant in Upcoming Device

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Galaxy S8 Rumor

Galaxy S8 rumours are brewing up slowly after the great mishap of Note 7. Samsung is working on artificial intelligence digital assistant that can operate and control various things in Samsung phones, home appliances and wearable, etc.

Apple has already introduced its smart assistant with iOS 10 and that’s why various companies that make home appliances have been making iOS app to control their devices directly from the iPhone 7! Samsung is heading towards something similar to raise the competition. The name of this Samsung digital assistant may be named as Bixby!

Galaxy S8 Rumor

Samsung to include AI assistant in Galaxy S8- Inside story

Let me tell you the catch of this technology. It lets you do different operations from switching the lights (smart lights) “ON” to turn the AC “OFF” etc. with a tap. Using the voice commands these may go hands-free!

Nowadays hands-free operations have become of the most asked features by the 21st-century generation. Everyone wants to do a job with minimum physical interventions, and that’s why artificial intelligence have taken place to understand your command and program the job in such way so that job can be done automatically through a voice command only. Now ask for info or manage your daily routine with the new artificial digital assistant.

It’s already confirmed that S8 to feature dual lens camera (Rear) with IRIS scanner (Front) and the release date of S8 is delayed by two weeks at least.

After the historic blunder with Note 7 (it’s even banned from in-flight use in many airlines) Samsung’s net profit saw a sharp decrease, and now it is on the way to recover its lost empire, maybe that’s why it’s boosting its upcoming device Galaxy S8. Catch all the updates here. Stay tuned.

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