Gaijin’s New WWII-Based Multiplayer Online Game is Titled Enlisted; First Two Campaigns Available for PC

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The newest battle-centric video game to come out of Latvia-based game developers Darkflow Software in association with Gaijin Entertainment as publishers is the online multiplayer game titled Enlisted. The new game will be based on some of the key decisive battles that were fought during the World War 2, including the Battle of Normandy and the Battle of Moscow. The game will be made available initially for the PC, but official announcements state that the game will be launched on other platforms in due course.


The teaser trailer for Enlisted shows off the kind of gritty, old world look suitable for bygone-era battle games, and the in-game features like weapons and characters will all be true to the ones seen during the devastating war. Among the several campaigns that Enlisted will feature, the aforementioned ones are already up for grabs. According to the official press release for the game, each campaign will be realistic depictions of the multiple phases of a battle.The game will also have several different modes, some of which will require them to fight alongside a number of other troopers. The huge battles that you’ll get a chance to play can accommodate up to 100 playersset against a richly detailed world. There will also be destructible landscapes to top it all off.

However, this is not all that is special about the new game. According toAlexander Nagorny of Darkflow Software, much of the upcoming plans about Enlisted will be decided on after considering valuable input from fans. As of now, both the initial campaigns are available for purchase. Players have the option to buy any one or both at the same time. Other things on offer are weapons packs as well as the coveted early access to the game’s closed beta which will go up sometime during the later half of 2017. All the proceedings from the game’s initial saleswill be used to develop the game’s features further, like new maps and console versions. Watch the teaser for Enlisted below. Also check out the official Enlisted page to know more about the game.

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