Fugay (2016) Movie Review, Rating, Cast and Crew, Box office Prediction and Audience Response

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Fugay Movie Review

When it comes to movies that have an interesting story line accompanied by several gob-smacking twists we are assured of the fact that we are dealing with a Marathi movie. Such an amalgamation of events are bound to make the audience crave for more movies like this, and with this, we come across a Marathi film named Fugay which is scheduled to be released on 2nd December.Swapna Waghmare Josh who is known for his superhit movie Mitwaa, has yet again come up with a film that is bound to wow the audience with a proportionate dose of laughter and fun. If that is not enough, the movie Fugay will feature the talented actors Swwapnil Joshi and Subodh Bhave as lead actors coming to the silver screen for the very first time. Let us find a bit more about the film before it hits the theatres and the ticket pre-booking start.

Fugay (2016) Movie Review

The movie Fugay has a very interestingtrailer where we are shown the childhood of two best friendsHrishikesh played by Subodh Bhave and Aditya by Swwapnil Joshi. We see how they have lived up to their unbreakable bond of friendship throughout their life. This unbreakable bond of friendship seems to be in question when Aditya gets married. As a stereotypical wife, Aditya’s better half does not approve of her husband’s bond with his childhood friend. Even though the best buddies are not too happy about this, they decide to go for a vacation in Goa just to have some fun and enjoy themselves for a very last time in the name of friendship. The next morning they have no recollection of the night before, and they find themselves in a messed up situation with no solution available. The movie has a tinge of the Hollywood flick Hangover, which the director uses to bring out the humour to the audience with an excellent cast. Apparently, the movie is all in all a comedy with bits of the seriousness of the responsibilities that one needs to take in life.

Fugay (2016) Rating

With the release of the trailer of the film Fugay the numbers of viewers in YouTube increased considerably as the days go by. According to, critics the movie gained a 4 out of 5 regarding the storyline which seems to be interesting and apparently, it shows us a new outlook on comedy altogether. The direction gets 4.5 out of 5 and in terms of acting the actors got a 4 out of 5 as well considering the talented duo of Swwapnil Joshi and Subodh Bhave, who have taken the comedy to an entirely new level. The music gains 3.5 out of 5, while the editing gains a score of 3 out of 5.

Fugay (2016) Cast & Crew


  • Swwapnil Joshi
  • Subodh Bhave
  • Prarthana Behere
  • Neetha Shetty


  • Directed by Swapna Waghmare Joshi
  • Produced by Inderraj Kapoor
  • Kartik Nishandar & Arjun Barran Singh
  • Screenplay by Hemant Dhome and Abhijeet Guru
  • Story by Swwapnil Joshi and Subodh Bhave
  • Music by Rochak Kohli, Amitraj Sawant and Nilesh Moharir
  • Cinematography Prasad Bhende

Fugay (2016) Box Office Prediction

This Marathifilm Fugay is scheduled to hit the silver screen on 2nd December and considering the talented cast which included actors likeSwwapnil Joshi and Subodh Bhave we can expect the movie to be a hit with regards to the box office collection and for the audience as well. Apparently, the moviehas the storyline that is somewhat similar to the Hollywood film hangover, so we can expect the movie to be the viewers favourite. according to the critics,the first-day box office collection of the movie Fugay would be something around 75 lakhs.

Fugay (2016) Audience Response

The movie Fugay brings out the theme of a strong unbreakable bond of friendship between two childhood friends, and the apparent changes that take place after one gets married. The film also focuses on the theme of responsibility towards life when the actors screw up after a night of blunt intoxication. Even though humour has been the main theme that has sugarcoated the serious aspects of life in the movie, the audiencesare excited to watch the movie as soon as it hits the silver screen on 2nd December.

Watch the Trailer of the Film Fugay Here

In conclusion, this Marathi film Fugay seems to be very promising as the unique storyline and amazing cast has already attracted the audience with the release of its trailer. It would be interesting to see how the movie does in terms of the box office collection after it is released on 2nd December.

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