From A Sex Tape To A Billion Dollar Brand: The Making Of The Kardashians

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The clan of the Kardashians was just a normal family until Kim Kardashian’s rise to fame with the celebrity sex tape. That caught public attention and started a tumbling of dominos that led to a show that now airs in 167 countries, with nine spinoffs up to date, a combined social media reach of 700 million-plus followers, five insanely profitable applications, and a billion dollar brand by the name of Kardashian. The family mints millions from a hodgepodge of endorsement deals, paid appearances and can’t-stay-in-stock products. They built all that from one simple boutique in the Valley. It all started with the sex tape that Ray J made with Kim Kardashian, which went public in 2007.


The stars talked about their lives before the show, Kim revealing that she was going to Pierce College and working at their store, Dash, after school. Kris Jenner revealed that she was managing Bruce’s speaking career and personal appearances. They reminisced about the time when it was all in the talks and how one night Deena Katz came over to their home for dinner and mused about the idea of their daily life being like a reality TV show. She gave them the idea to talk to Ryan Seacrest, who is now the executive producer of the show. Seacrest talked about how he wanted to send a crew and cameras to start filming, only to realise that he had neither at that time.


Seacrest then asked Eliot to buy a camera and film the Kardashians, which Eliot later reported was something special. The title of the show, Keeping up with the Kardashians, was also mused upon for a long time. There were many other names put on the table, none of which was agreed upon. Farnaz Farjam came up with the name for the show accidently, when he was asked to suggest a name and he said that he had nothing because he was too busy keeping up with the Kardashians. Starting from a humble beginning at that moment, an empire was born and now everyone knows all the Kardashians.

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