Fourth terror attack: Van plows into praying muslims

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Fourth terror attack

London has been stricken with terror as the fourth act of terror strikes the heart of the city in four months. It seems like terror has taken a toll and is testing the patience of Londoners and their resilience to the road to recovery. People in London were still healing from the attacks at London Bridge, Manchester Arena, and Borough Market when another attack took place early on Monday near Finsbury Park mosque in north London.

Londoners with flowers and prayers gathered at the spot where a man plowed Muslims leaving a mosque in a van, leaving eleven people hurt. Witnesses report that the man driving the van was shouting that he wanted to kill all Muslims and the people he drove his van into were dragged as far as several meters. He was surrounded by the public after the incident and the imam of the Muslim Welfare House stepped in to prevent the driver from getting beaten by the public and waited till the police came and handed him over. The suspect was charged with ‘the commission, preparation or instigation of terrorism and attempted murder’.

British media identified the suspect as Darren Osborne, a resident of the Welsh capital Cardiff. He is a father of four children. The Mosque also supported the public witness that the driver deliberately drove into the men and women leaving the Mosque after the evening prayers.

Algeria informed the press that one of their citizens was among the eleven people who were mowed down by the van.

The Chief of Police, London, Cressida Dick, said that the incident was clearly an attack on Muslims and promised to increase police presence during the holy month of Ramadan around mosques around the city.

Minister of State for Security, Robert Wallace, told BBC Radio that the suspect was not known to the intelligence community as a possible threat to national security and was not associated with any terrorist groups.

Prime Minister Theresa May said that the police were treating the case as a terrorist attack within eight minutes after receiving the first emergency call. One person was found dead at the scene of the attack but it was unclear whether he died because of the attack as he was already being treated with first aid when the attack happened.

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