Force 2 vs Tum Bin 2 Box Office Collection Prediction

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Force 2 vs Tum Bin 2 Box Office

Another new week and another hardcore competition! This time the competition will be between romance and action! Tomorrow is 18th and two of the most talked about movies of this month is about to release. Force 2 and Tum Bin 2 both are sequels of two superhit movie and now they are releasing o the same day to compete with each other. So before the movies come let’s take a tour of Force 2 vs Tum Bin 2 Box Office Prediction, to understand both the movies better.

Force 2 Box Office Collection (Prediction)

Force 2 is an upcoming Indian action thriller film directed by Abhinay Deo is too good in its trailer ads there are a lot of action, drama, thrill and suspense! John Abraham will be paired with Sonakshi Sinha, along with Tahir Raj Basin the new face of EVIL in Bollywood. A remarkable actor who proved his worth from his first film with the senior actress Rani Mukherjee and still shined brightly! There will be Genelia too in a guest appearance who was the female lead of the prequel. Force released in 2011, so it’s a clear 5 years when they are coming with the next project. This time Force 2 will work to reveal the secrets of the R.A.W. According to the box office analysersForce 2 Box Office Collection can get a good start!

Tum Bin 2 Box Office Collection (Prediction)

Tum Bin 2 took more than 15 years to come back! Released its prequel in 2001, Tum Bin was one of the most celebrated romantic movies of the decade. Made with a budget of 25 crores, the movie was entirely based on the beautiful locations of Canada. Tum Bin 2 has come up with almost same formula and plotline, but this time the grandeur is bigger and better. The best attraction of Tum Bin was its shooting tracks, it was mesmerising and the success of the movie dependent mostly because of its all the hit tracks. The actors of the movie too had a special charm. But this time nothing is working for the film. There is literally no buzz and audience is not at all excited about the film. The actors, not eye catching, no song is in the chartbusters and more of the entire movie is recreating the same story and thus there is no interest left for it. The budget of Tum Bin 2 is 15 crore, lesser than its previous venture! Seems that, the producer too does not want to take any chance by spending a lot of money which cannot be recovered.Tum Bin 2 1st Day Box Office Collection hints a slow start!

Force 2 vs Tum Bin 2 Box Office Collection Prediction

18th November is going to be a big day for Bollywood where two big releases will be Force 2 and Tum Bin 2 and without any doubt, we can say the competition will be solid. Both the movies Force 2 and Tum Bin 2 have target audiences and as both the movies are of the different genre that is the only possible differences that will help both the movie in their business.

But if we want to make a comparison between the two, Force 2 is more prominent and in a better position in making a good business. Tum Bin 2, on the other hand, is indifferent in its approach and has failed to recreate the pangs of love. Even the trailer is not that good and the acting of the newbies are too week. Force 2 has great chasing and action sequences, cut throat dialogues and the movie got a certain attitude that will surely allure a lot of youngsters.

Force 2 and Tum Bin 2 will be released tomorrow and according to the prediction, Force 2 1st day box office collection will be 4.5 Crore (approx) and it may increase on the weekends. Tum Bin 2, on the other hand, may start a little slow and indicated that Tum Bin 2 1st day box office collection approximately will be 2.5 crores and can go at that paceeven on the weekends. So it is clear that in the competition of Force 2 vs Tum Bin 2, 1st Day Box Office Collection is letting Force 2 to win. But it is just a prediction and not reality. Friday changes a lot of prediction and we never know the reality can turn out to be absolutely different! But for that, we have to wait till Friday!

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