For Honor’s free DLC Items will Include New Maps and Modes

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For Honor may be one of the most anticipated games lined up for early next year, but the medieval era hack and slash action game has been in the news recently for not very favourable reasons. The game that was originally announced as a multiplayer only title was later promised to add a campaign mode as well, making fans all the more happy at being given a chance to play as their favourite warrior at their own time. However, recent revelations about the upcoming game were not so joy-inducing, as it was uncovered that playing it would require players to be connected to the internet at all times. Yes, even while playing the single-player campaign mode. For Honor will come devoid of any offline playing modes.


Perhaps to combat the displeasure of fans, Ubisoft has made a new announcement. According to Eurogamer, the developer has confirmed that some of the game’s DLC items will be available free of any cost. These items include new maps and new modes, but no mention has been made of character upgrades or weapons packs. However,game director Damien Kieken said that the freebies will include some other downloadable items as well.

While we don’t know which other DLC items can be unlocked for free, they are unlikely to include new characters or weapons. After all, game creators make a lot of money with post-release content. In earlier instances, Ubisoft has done something similar, as the report points out. In those cases, the developer offered a few things for free but the other, core items needed to be bought either with real money or with in-game currency accumulated during the course of the game. If they take a similar approach with For Honor, then we know what uses the new game’s currency, named Steel, will have. The new currency will be awarded to players after each match alongside being buyable with real money. The Steel can then be used to make in-game upgrades. However,Kieken added that while microtransactions will be an option, every element in For Honor will be unlockable with progression.

For Honor releases worldwide for the Windows PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on February 14, 2017.

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