All aspirants for the Karnataka Common Entrance Test need to be very determined and focused to achieve their goal. KCET is the gateway to the most reputed and professional colleges of Karnataka and if you aspire to be graduated from a well-known and recognized college of Karnataka, then this elite examination is a must for you.

Like most other entrances, it tests your accuracy, speed, and analytical skills. To ace KCET 2018, you need to have an expertise in your selected domain along with excellent speed and a great deal of hard work balanced with smart work. Here are some last minute preparation tips that you must keep in mind while preparing for the exam and during the examination.

During Preparation

Brush up your Knowledge: As you go through the KCET 2018 syllabus, mark down all the topics you are good at and brush up those topics. Mugging up is a big no for such competitions. Try to understand the topics well, instead of cramming. Also, give your best to cover every bit of syllabus, so that, in the exam, you will have an idea about almost every question and you will be able to get a good rank in KCET 2018.

Practice as much as you can: You would surely have heard about the proverb, “Practice makes a man perfect”. Practice can actually help you greatly in acing the exam. It will not only increase your familiarity with the type of questions that can come in the exam but also will increase your speed of attempting, which is very important during the exam. So focus on the theory part of the syllabus, but assign maximum time in practicing questions.

Speed Up: Speed is without any doubt the most important factor to ace the exam. Even if you know the solution to every question, but you don’t speed up, it will be of no use. So, in your revision time, try to solve 70 questions in 80 minutes, as it will help you to solve 60 question on the exam day easily.

Revision Notes: While preparing each topic, write down all the important things from that topic on a piece of paper for revising purpose. It is very helpful, just before the examination, as it acts like a window to each topic. So, make sure you write down all the highlights from each topic and prepare revision notes for yourself.

Previous Year Papers: Referring to previous year KCET question papers, is as important as preparing for the exam. You should at least solve one question paper every day, as it will help you in keeping in touch with the topics and also increase your accuracy and speed of attempting questions. Also, there can be some repeated questions in KCET 2018 from previous year question papers.

While Taking the Exam

Read the questions paper and instructions carefully: The first thing that you have to take care of, while giving the examination, is to read the question paper and all the instructions very carefully. Don’t miss out important instructions in anxiety. Be calm and go through the questions and also mark the questions that you find simple. It will give you a good start.

Attempt Easy Questions First: The question paper will have all types of questions, simple, difficult and some about which you are not sure about.  Don’t worry about the difficult questions and first of all, solve all the simple questions in the question paper very carefully. You don’t need to follow the order. Devote the first hour of the total time in solving easy questions, then move on to the difficult ones.

Avoid Silly Mistakes: You cannot afford to lose a single mark over some calculation mistake or some stupid mistake. This kind of mistakes should be avoided, as losing a single mark in exams like KCET could mean losing a 1000 points of rank.

Time Management: Wasting time during the examination is a big no. Even if you are stuck at one question, don’t try to solve it, move on to the next question, without wasting a single second. First, attempt all the questions that you are sure of.

Tricks & Short-cuts: As it is an objective test, so, all you have to do is to arrive at the correct answer, by hook or by crook. If you have no idea, about a question, then it’s better to leave it. Attempt maximum questions possible, as a single correct answer can uplift your rank tremendously.

Cracking KCET 2018 is not as difficult as it appears. Just follow all these tips and you will get the exam. All the best!

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